Sprint lights up its LTE network in select US cities

Sprint customers in a handful of markets across the country can now enjoy 4G LTE. Accoridng to the Kansas City Star, the wireless carrier is lighting up LTE in the following locations:

Atlanta, Georgia; Newnan, Georgia; Rome; Georgia; Kansas City, Kansas; St. Joseph, Missouri; Austin, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Forth Worth, Texas; Houston, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; and Waco, Texas

Customers can go online and view Sprint’s coverage map, which has been updated with this new 4G LTE coverage. Sprint Senior Vice president of network Bob Azzi confirmed that this map represents street or outside coverage as indoor coverage at this point is diminished because the LTE signal won’t pass through buildings. Phones like the new Galaxy S III, the LG Viper, the EVO 4G LTE and the Galaxy Nexus will automatically connect to the company’s new LTE service in the above areas. If you are in one of those locations and have a 4G LTE phone, chime in the comments and let us know how Sprint’s newly christened LTE network performs.

[Via The Kansas City Star and Android and Me]

  • Jason Browne

    I am in Houston, and I have not experienced 4g speeds yet.  I checked the map, and I am supposed to be in the excellent range. I am kind of frustrated with Sprint at this moment.

  • Your article is not correct, Austin does not have it yet.

  • Bill Eastman

    I am in Austin (the actual city and not just “the Austin Market” and do not yet have LTE.

  • Bchumz

    I’m in Austin as well… DEF no LTE yet… Dammit, my Galaxy S3 needs…more… POWER!

  • Bchumz

    I’m in Austin as well… DEF no LTE yet… Dammit, my Galaxy S3 needs…more… POWER!

  • cs

    4g LTE is not turned on here in Austin and it will still be a couple of months.

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