Apple’s iOS in-app purchasing workaround fixes hack problem

Apple, for the past couple of weeks, has been dealing with a nagging hack, which allows users to “buy” in-app purchases without actually spending a dime. To counter the hacking problem, the Cupertino-based tech company tried a lazy approach, which resorted to pressuring the host of the original server (located in Russia) into dropping the service that is housing the hacking maneuver.

Of course, that alone didn’t do the trick, as the Russian developer only got more clever. The developer set up on a new server hosted in an offshore country in an attempt to evade Apple’s legal requests. So, Apple had to get its hands dirty and bake up a workaround, and apparently, that workaround will patch its gaping security hole. The Russian dev who came up with the hack, Alexey Borodin, says the fix has made it impossible to re-hack in-app purchases. His exact words being, the “game is over” as “there is “no way to bypass” Apple’s fix.

Score one for Apple. All will be well once iOS 6 arrives with a system-level update, but for the time being, it’s down to developers to implement Apple’s workaround.

[TNW; via The Verge]


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