Juggernaut shows significant performance improvements in Windows Phone 8

The Juggernaut Alpha is an unconfirmed dual-core Windows Phone device running on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform. The next version of Windows Phone, slated to launch in the fall, is rumored to bring marked improvements to the platform, and today the Juggernaut Alpha flaunted this fact by way of leaked benchmark scores.

The Juggernaut Alpha was run through a program called WPBench, and the Juggernaut performed as advertised, with a score 50% better than the HTC Titan, which runs on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform. Of course, how much of that improvement is due to the dual-core chipset of the Juggernaut and how much is attributed to the enhancements in the Windows Phone 8 platform is not yet known at this time, though we expect it’s most likely a smattering of both, though WM Power User notes that WP8 will likely be “many times faster at completing processor-intensive tasks than Windows Phone 7 handsets”.

If benchmark enhancements are to be believed, we’ve got a lot more than refreshed hardware to look forward to when Windows Phone 8 is released later this year. We’re starting to get excited, how about you?

[via WM Power User, The Next Web, Engadget]

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