The Smartphone Prophecies – 5 Ways in Which This Device Will Change your Life In the Future

Smartphones are making their presence felt in all facets of a person’s life. Some believe that that these devices have brought the future closer, and while this is a truth that cannot be denied, there are plenty of features and functionalities that have yet to come to your smartphone. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball and see what the future holds for the smartphone.

I love making predictions about the future of a particular technology as it helps me think out of the box. What’s more history is proof that even the most far-fetched predictions about a particular technology have come true, so much so that these developments have now become a part and parcel of our life.

So, here goes:

The Self Aware Smartphone

Smartphones of the future will be more aware of their surroundings – in fact they will be one with them. For example, as soon as you enter a shopping mall, your phone will immediately tell you about the various shops in the mall, their locations, the map, the discounts available in each shop and so on and so forth. More importantly, it will automatically relay information about your needs and requirements to the shop you plan to visit, so that when you arrive, you are immediately greeted by a salesperson who knows your name and more importantly what you want. This means you will be in and out of the mall or store in a jiffy and after getting an extremely personalized service.

Body Synchro

There are plenty of smartphone apps that allow you to measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and act as a CPR guide. There are others that offer medication reminders and apps are being developed that help record an electrocardiogram and do a whole a lot more. So, you might be forgiven for thinking as far as the coming together of smartphones and healthcare is concerned, the future is already here.

But it isn’t

Think 15-20 years down the line. I see a smartphone being used as a device that proactively takes lifesaving decisions. What this means is that the device can be synchronized with the user’s body and its functions, so much so that it keeps track of any changes in the person’s body that are cause for alarm. Take the case of a heart patient, who might get a heart attack in his/her sleep. But, with the smartphone keeping track of the functions of the heart and being able to pick any noticeable changes therein, it can immediately pick up the triggers for the heart attack before they work on the heart. This would allow it to send an immediate signal to emergency care/hospital/clinic, wherein, they can send an emergency medical response team, in time to save the person’s life. There might be a case wherein, the person will start getting emergency medication, even before he/she realizes what has happened.

This is just a small example of what the future can hold for smartphones when it comes to health care. Just imagine the number of lives it will save!

Super Memory

You would love a photographic memory wouldn’t you? Many of the mistakes that we make in our daily lives, is because human memory is fallible. So, in the future, with the way things are going, I am sure, your power to retain any information will become redundant. You will not need a memory as your smartphone will function as an extension of your brain (yes, seriously). It will be your storage device and it will record everything and anything, in real time, as long as you carry it with you. So, it will store data about your experiences, the places you visit, any event that you attend, meetings, etc. Every important occasion is stored, irrespective of whether it’s important or not. And all this will be done automatically, without being given instructions for the same.   So, whenever you need the required info, all you need to do is ask your device.

Super Smart AI for Special Needs

Children with special needs will be able to live a life to the fullest with the smartphones of the future. In the future, a smartphone will be plugged into their thoughts and will bring out their thoughts in the form of images, for the world to see and understand. If there is something they want to say and they are unable to express their thoughts, the smartphone will do the job for them. But this won’t be just limited to ‘children with special needs’. There are cases wherein individuals suffer from some debilitating malady which robs them the power of speech or movement, where the only thing working for them is their brain. Futuristic smartphones will allow them to communicate with the world at large by plugging into their brain signals. All that they want to do or say will probably be projected onto a high def screen or even a wall.

With the advent of such smartphones, you won’t really have to use the phrase ‘special needs’ any more. In fact, such smartphones will give such people an advantage over the general population and make them truly extraordinary.

Improved monetization

There is no doubt that the future will be defined by a cashless society and this is where the smartphone will act as the banker, through which all the financial transactions take place. More importantly, just about anything can be monetized with the help of your smartphone. Say you are attending a developer’s conference and you get the opportunity to sell some info to the participants, you will be able to do this in a jiffy through your smartphones. Yes, the exchange of information and its payments will happen without any paper or plastic money being exchanged. Let’s face it, financial data being stored on smartphones will keep getting more secure and there will come a day when somebody will hit upon the idea of doing away with money in its present form altogether. It will all be about monetizing the mobility of the smartphone, wherein knowledge can be shared easily and quickly and money can be made from it.

So, here they are. The 5 smartphone prophecies that I have a feeling will be realized sooner rather than later. I know some of them sound truly weird, but don’t be amazed if you find that they come true.

This is a Guest Post by Alicia Carter

Alicia Carter works with Perceptive Mobile Apps, a company based in Los Angeles, California. Perceptive Mobile Apps provides innovative mobile apps development services across various business domains and offers a complete range of applications that are rich in quality and adhere to the industry norms and emerging trends.

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