London 2012 bans all 3G Hotspots from Olympic Venues

“Don’t go bringing 3G hotspots, just stick to the regular smartphone connection you’re used to.”

Okay, so maybe that’s not the official line from London, though the message remains the same. Folks traveling to London to witness the spectacle that is the 2012 Olympic Games will have to rely on their customary smartphone connection or paid hotspots while attending the games, as the Olympic Committee has announced that 3G hotspot connections will not be allowed into any Olympic venues. The ban includes smartphones that can be used as portable hotspots, so while you’re allowed to carry smartphones into the Olympic venues, you’ll want to think twice about turning on the hotspot functionality.

No word on how they’ll be enforcing the ban, though if you absolutely must use your phone as a hotspot, we recommend setting the name of your hotspot to something that can’t easily be traced back to you. But hey, it’s a good way to get someone else thrown out, say an acquaintance you ran into at the games that you don’t like.

[via London 2012, Engadget]

  • What’s the point behind a rule like that? Seems like the IOC are a bunch of technophobes.

  • Anonymous

    lol, those bloody Brits are so ignorant. LIke they are one, going to be
    able to find the hotspot and two, actually do anything about it, rotfl,
    what a joke.

    Total-Privacy dot US

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