Path updates to version 2.5; adds taggable movies and books, enhanced camera, and new ‘nudge’ feature

Path, a small San Francisco based social networking company, has come through with more improvements. Today the company announced version 2.5 of its iPhone and Android app, which is the first major update its released since 2.0 hit in November 2011. This news comes after the app’s recent addition of Nike+ Fuelband integration. Now Path fans, hold onto your seats, as I begin to sound off on the latest new features.

The new version of Path includes some pretty awesome additions such as taggable movies and books, an enhanced camera, customizable Path invites, and redesigned notifications panel. Moreover, users will also notice a new feature called “nudges,” which is a clever way to encourage inactive friends to post about whatever they’re doing. It’s an interesting way to get more activity on the service, something Path has struggled with.

The way the nudge feature works is when you have friends who haven’t posted for a while, as names appear in grey with a question mark next to it. The object is to “nudge” them into posting an update or picture. This resembles Facebook’s “Poke” feature very much.

Lastly, if you’re a Rotten Tomatoes fan, you’ll be happy to know that it’s been added to version 2.5 as well. Path also decided to roll with iBooks as the library of choice when you want to tell people what you’re reading. Other tasty treats include an update to the in-app camera, bringing new filters, editing, cropping, and quick video shooting, Path 2.5 adds full-width photos and videos in your feed.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the new features, and I can honestly say that I could see myself using the application a lot more. Head over to the App Store or the Google Play store to snatch the Path app!

[Path; via The Verge] photo cred: Claireasabella (Flickr)


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