Sony: Last year Xperia smartphones won’t get Jelly Bean updates

Sony: Last year Xperia smartphones won't get Jelly Bean updates

Like it already doesn’t have enough problems with acquiring new customers, Sony keeps annoying existing ones. When it comes to releasing timely firmware updates, the Japanese company is everything but savvy. More often than not, their customers are among the last ones to get the latest version of Android.

Like that’s not enough, Sony decided to “save” its users with 2011 Xperia smartphones from the “Jelly Bean menace.” Now you can try to defend Sony saying that most of their last year’s phones don’t have enough processing power to handle Android 4.1, but I don’t buy that. If Nexus S with its 1GHz single-processor can get Jelly Bean, so can most of Sony’s smartphones, including all models with dual-core CPUs as well as those with faster single-core processors like Xperia arc S.

It’s a shame how Sony deals with its customers with most of them still using Gingerbread. This will either change soon or will Sony be forced to leave this business once and for all…

[Via: GSMarena]

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