Freedom Pop introduces new 4G sleeve for the iPod touch

Inexpensive MVNO FreedomPop is back with another sleeve that’ll turn your iPod touch into an always-connected mobile device. The latest version of the sleeve bumps up the connectivity to 4G and lets you make calls, stream video and more from your iPod touch. The service includes 500MB of free data and users can earn up to 1GB free by inviting friends (10MB per friend). Heavy users can satisfy their need for data by signing up for partner programs and other promotions, which will let them earn up to 5GB of data for free. Customers can also buy extra bandwidth as needed for $10 per GB.

Interested customers can pre-order the 4G Freedom Sleeve for $99 from Freedom Pop’s website. You can also check out the video below and point your browser to FreedomPop’s website for additional information.

[Via FreedomPop]

  • Marie

    Hi, does this product work in Europe?

  • Nenaptio

    @ marie. Not yet at launch.

  • Jim

    I pledged some $, so when is this going to be available? 

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