Sony: We may release Jelly Bean updates for Xperia 2011 phones, we just need to finish ICS firmware updates, first

Remember what we’ve told you about Xperia 2011 phones don’t getting Jelly Bean updates? We got that information from Sony’s Facebook page, but the problem is that it wasn’t Sony Mobile’s PR representative from the HQ that answered questions at a Q&A session, but a local spokesperson. So those of you with Xperia 2011 may get their Jelly Bean fixes after all.

Nothing is still confirmed except that Sony is “actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices,” reminding us that they still have to rollout Ice Cream Sandwich on many phones and only then focus their attention on Android 4.1.

Seems to me Sony is everything but ready for the firmware updates. It’s not like they don’t have resources to pull this out, it’s just that those resources are somehow unequally spread. It’s the post-sale service that makes for loyal customers and thus far the Japanese company failed to impress us.

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