Samsung Galaxy Note II to feature flexible AMOLED display?

The rumors today are all about the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the sequel to the phone/tablet hybrid device people tend to either love or hate. Korea IT Times reports the Galaxy Note II could use a new flexible AMOLED display technology. Samsung showed off prototypes at CES 2012 so it clearly has the resources in place.

Samsung is expected to also include its thinner Unbreakable Plane technology as part of the display upgrade, which would add extra space within the device for a bigger battery. Between the flexible AMOLED and UBP, the Galaxy Note II should have one pretty, but tough display. Rumored specifications have the display size bumped up to 5.5-inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio and an astounding pixel density of 350 ppi from the 5.3-inch size on the current Galaxy Note.

A photo Samsung Pakistan posted to its Facebook page earlier today has captured some attention as well because of accusations that it might be the Galaxy Note II. Samsung Pakistan uploaded the photo above claiming it was a Galaxy S III, but commenters quickly caught on that the display was too large and the logo was placed inaccurately. After taking it down, the company posted the same photo once more saying it was a Galaxy Note, but later took that down too. It’s definitely an odd slip-up, but we won’t know the truth until the Galaxy Note II is unveiled on August 29th in Berlin.

With all of these display rumors flying around — whether they’re all true or not — Samsung has to be preparing some impressive new display technologies for the upcoming phone/tablet device that focuses largely on it.

[via AndroidCentral and Engadget]

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