Alleged images of new, thinner iPhone battery surface

Yesterday, we heard a rumor that the new iPhone launching later this year will be nearly 2mm thinner than the iPhone 4S. While we were a bit skeptical that Apple would be able to achieve this, another rumor out of 9 to 5 Mac shows alleged images of a thinner, higher-capacity battery that would in part allow for the thinner design. Coupled with the thinner screen technology, a 2mm thinner iPhone now at least seems plausible.

The capacity for the alleged battery is only 1,440 mAh, a mere 10 mAh larger than the iPhone 4S. While on first glance this news would surely disappoint those hoping for a beefier battery to account for the added power needed for a 4″ display and LTE connectivity, Apple has also reportedly increased the voltage on the battery by 0.1V. According to a joint report by The Next Web and Anandtech, this increase in voltage could make up the difference needed to power a low-power LTE chip. As always with rumors, we’ll know more once Apple finally unveils the next iPhone, which is rumored to take place September 12.

[via 9 to 5 Mac, The Next Web, Anandtech]

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