Samsung Galaxy Note 2 front panel spotted?

We’re more than aware that Samsung is set to unleash a successor to the Galaxy Note in the form of the Galaxy Note 2, and the bezel of said device might have just been spotted. With all sorts of rumors flying around about the Galaxy Note 2, we can now at least be sure that it will indeed be rocking a larger display, but whether or not if it’s a flexible display¬†is (and always was) in question.

Whether you like a dedicated home button or not, it looks like you’re going to have to deal with one on the next Galaxy Note. Said home button looks to be pretty similar to that of the Galaxy S III, but not exactly the same shape. Nonetheless, you’re stuck with one.

Some still may question why the world needs these phone/tablet hybrid devices, but Samsung has proven that there’ definitely a market for them. Now with LG having the Vu, and HTC readying its own phablet device, things could get interesting this time around, as Samsung won’t have the only offering in the niche market. That said, with the success of the original, competitors need to bring the heat. We’ve got a chance to play with LG’s Vu and it’s a solid contender, so it will be interesting to see how the two stack up when they both arrive.

Are you looking forward to the new Galaxy Note 2, or are you still not sold on phablets?


[Via: Engadget, GSMArena Рsource: Nowherelese]

  • I love Samsung Galaxy Note. Here in the UK, you can get Three One subscription, which gives you unlimited internet, and tethering. Basically this device is awesome. Just today I was listening to my 70’s music from Sky.FM app, and Google’s Navigation in my car. No other device will give superb navigation and internet music for free like this. The turn by turn instruction would be given after the music was turned down. Nothing comes close. All the other devices are too small like the iPhone or too big like the iPad. So yeah this device rocks.

  • Anonymous

    I just love my industry leading Galaxy S3 on Tmobile it’s simply the best device on the market period. But YES I will be purchasing this device on day one when brought to Tmobile.

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