Discover finally lets customers save credit cards on Google Wallet

Discover customers can finally save their credit cards to Google Wallet. Earlier this month, the search giant  announced compatibility for all major credit cards, but a couple of the card makers were slow in using the Save to Wallet API. Discover is the first major card company to publicly announce its intention to use the API feature that’ll make cards show up nice and identifiably within the app.

To see Google Wallet still kicking around and improving warms my heart. I was an early adopter of the mobile payment service when I owned Sprint’s Nexus S 4G. Even though I didn’t have a Citi Mastercard and being forced to use Google’s virtual prepaid card was a bit of a hassle, I still enjoyed the overall experience. I still remember the reactions of people when I used Google Wallet at my local Seven Eleven — it was priceless.

If you have an NFC phone with Google Wallet on it, and happen to be a Discover customer, head over to the company’s web page to link your card. Other than that, who out there besides Discover card holders plan on using their cards on Google Wallet? If not, Why?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

[via android central]



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