RIM confirms BlackBerry 10 screen resolution for upcoming handsets

RIM has decided to let everyone in on what screen resolution to expect on its new BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones. The waterloo company has been getting drowned with negative publicity seemingly everyday. However, the tide is starting to change a bit. For months we’ve been hearing how the company is hard at work on BlackBerry 10.

Well, recently RIM CEO Thorsten Heins not only toted the same line, but gave us a glimmer of hope, when he stated the company is in the polishing stages, and that the devices are completed. Then word got around about RIM getting ready to take two “nearly complete” prototype devices to carriers in an attempt to persuade them to carry one or both devices at launch.

Now to follow all of that news up, Tim Neil went on the company’s developer blog to inform folks that upcoming full-touch devices will ship with 1,280 x 720 displays, while keyboard-style phones would sport 720 x 720 screens. Furthermore, the company urged developers to get tweaking to ensure apps run properly on the new hardware before it’s ready for primetime.

For once, RIM is having a mostly positive week of news. It’s a stark change from the media bludgeoning its been accustomed to in the past weeks and months. Thorsten Heins seems to be eerily excited about what BB10 has to offer, and maybe it’s for good reason. Even though we haven’t seen a final release of the new operating system or any of RIM’s prototypes, we know the company is going all in before it strongly considers a sale of its business.

[RIM; via N4BB]

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