T-Mobile and Huawei working on software fix for faulty myTouch cameras

Yesterday, news broke that the fourth largest carrier in the U.S. were misleading folks about its latest myTouch brand of phones. The word came from Consumer Reports, when the agency discovered the rear facing cameras on the myTouch and myTouch Q devices were being misrepresented as carrying 5 megapixels. In fact, the handsets were found to only sport 3.9 megapixel shooters.

We were able to reach out to T-Mobile, and a company spokesperson left us with this brief statement:

“T-Mobile and Huawei are aware of this issue and will be working on a software fix so that the myTouch camera can live up to its 5MP potential.”

The company didn’t leave us any specifics on why this mistake occurred, nor if it were a fault in the manufacturing from Huawei. Furthermore, we have no details on how this software fix will be distributed. Anyway, we’re sure T-Mobile and Huawei are hard at work on this software fix that’ll address the faulty cameras on its myTouch phones.

Image: cnet


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