Jolla MeeGo-based phones will be able to run Android apps; Jelly Bean ported to Nokia N9

Jolla MeeGo-based phones will be able to run Android apps

Remember Jolla, the Finnish company that spun off from Nokia to pursue further development of the MeeGo platform? Well these guys are realistic enough to realize it’s the apps rather than fancy OS that makes people want to buy some phone (or not). To that end, they announced that future Jolla/MeeGo phones will be able to run existing Android applications, making their forthcoming device(s) appealing to the end users. It’s still not clear which company will make such product(s), but the good thing is that it will have some apps right from the get-go. Of course, I wouldn’t expect all Android apps to run smoothly on an “alien platform,” but many will run like it’s nobody’s business. Look at the BlackBerry PlayBook as an example.

In the other MeeGo news, savvy hackers managed to port the latest version of Android to the Nokia N9. From what we’re hearing, Jelly Bean works like a charm on the N9 with the only pain point being the cellular connectivity. Guess that will be addressed in the future releases and in the meantime, those willing to try this out can use the N9 as a Wi-Fi connected media player. Neat. 😉

[Via: MobileSyrup]

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