iPad Mini Release Confirmed?

Reports are flowing in confirming the long-awaited and heavily speculated iPad Mini. A new version of the iPad that while may not necessarily carry new features, will allow the success of Apple’s tablet to capture a new market with a lower price point while still promising the same performance.

We know now that the iPhone 5 will be released at an Apple event on September 21st. Though reports are pointing at two separate release dates for the iPad Mini, providing for a stand-alone event in October. The iPad mini is expected to have a screen of just less than 8 inches, and will feature the same version and performance of the new iOS 6.

All eyes in the tech world will be on the September 21st event as the world watches the unveiling of the latest iPhone model. Providing an October date for the iPad Mini allows it to escape the media storm that is sure to be generated by the iPhone 5. While the look and release date rumors are holding firm, the specific features that will be seen have yet to reach a position of certainty. The latest iPad, the iPad 3 brought 4G LTE capabilities to the already highly successful tablet, (as long as you get a pricey plan with your carrier.) But whether the iPad Mini will have the same feature remains to be seen.

After a recent ruling awarding Apple over $1 billion from Korean tech company Samsung, Apple as a thriving corporation and Apple fans a like are hoping that the iPad Mini will deliver the final knockout blow against Samsung’s line of Galaxy Tabs. Another competitor to consider that some may have forgotten thanks to recent terrible financial news, is RIMM’s BlackBerry Playbook, which is expected to be thrust back into the markets eye along with their handsets once BlackBerry 10 is ready for release early in 2013.

So mark your calendars. Live blogs of the September 21st event will be spread all across the web, and keep an eye out for an official October date for the iPad Mini.


  • Received my Nexus 7 yesterday. Like it very much. Will give away my 10 inch tablet….. 


    So samsung going to sue them for become mini haha this is so funny

  • CrackisWack

    I think the ipad is different than the iphone because its a TABLET not a mini think you put in you can fit in your pocket. The big screen is important

  • SDucbv4d9w

    The event is September 12th and the in store release is September 21st.

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