iOS and Android Growing 10 Times Faster Than The Web

Flurry Analytics, a research firm has released numbers today that show the incredible rate at which iOS and Android have grown in recent years. In the 1990’s, at the height of the internet boom, the adoption of the web was happening at a wicked fast pace, but recent numbers show that smartphone use, particularly iOS and Android has grown at two times the pace. If you thought the PC boom of the 80’s was fast, Flurry indicates that smartphone adoption is happening ten times as fast.

In the month of July 2012, Flurry is estimating that over 640 million iOS and Android devices were in use.  In China, one of the fastest growing adopters of smartphones in recent years, iOS and Android use has grown over 400% in just one year.

While iOS has a steady hold on the number #2 spot in the country, Flurry and others are reporting that as of Q2 2012 Android currently holds 68.1% of the market. Holding the majority is a big deal when your competitor is trying to destroy you. With the release of the iPhone 5, and the furthering of iPhone support in China, it is very possible that Apple’s worldwide market share, and along with it the growth of iOS across the globe will jump dramatically in the coming years.

It is usually the case that when a new iOS comes out, the great majority upgrade in a short time. But it has been seen that when Android releases a new OS, many of their users don’t upgrade. Android upgrades aren’t always compatible with all their devices at the same time, while iOS is always compatible with the majority of devices on the same night it is released.

iOS and Android are both giants, and their growth shows that. As Apple and Google continue to attempt to out do each other as the most successful and fastest growing mobile operating system,  the numbers will keep heading for the sky.

  • Hopefully Android flies high while Apple crashes and burns.

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