AnandTech: No NFC on the next iPhone

AnandTech has effectively laid to rest the rumor that the new iPhone will tote an NFC chip, and we probably should have seen it coming. Backings for the new iPhone have been leaked multiple times over the last few months, complete with the two-toned metal backing. NFC doesn’t play too well with metal, though some were holding out hope that a small, square NFC chip would be located on the top, non-metal-covered section of the device, though industry expert Anand Shampi suggests that there simply isn’t enough room in the glass RF windowed sections of the device to support NFC and the rather large coils the NFC chip mandates, such as the battery-sized chip on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, who tends to be spot on with his Apple insights, confirmed the news with a simple “Yep” response to the AnandTech piece. Given Dalrymple’s track record, it’s all but certain that the next iPhone will not support NFC. We’ll hold out a glimmer of hope that Apple will shock us on September 12th, but if you must have NFC on your next device, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere.

[via AnandTech, The Loop]

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