Hands on with the LG Optimus G [Video]

Now that it’s been officially announced,  we decided to take a quick video of the new LG Optimus G and give some quick thoughts of the powerful new device. For those of you who are looking for a new smartphone in the next few months, the Optimus G should most definitely be at the top of your Android list.

While the Optimus G might be a big phone, it still fits quite nicely into the hand, and when you see how crisp this display is, you likely wouldn’t care otherwise. The True HD IPS+ display is by far one of the most crisp screens you’ll find on any smartphone today and you’ll be hard pressed to find a genuine competitor. The existing True HD IPS panels are already something to admire, and LG’s latest iteration of their displays is more beautiful than ever.

It’s not all about beauty with the Optimus G, though. The handset is also rocking one of the most powerful quad-core processors in the world, making it a force to be reckoned with when putting it head to head with any high-end smartphone available in the market today.

The in-hand feel of the Optimus G is solid and strong, but the slickness of the back might not be everyone’s favorite. Still, the high-quality materials used in the Optimus G should ease most of those concerns. It may have a slick feel to it, but it feels miles better than the Galaxy S III’s plastic battery cover.

The Optimus G might be gushing with  high-end specifications that make it LG’s most deadly weapon to date, but it also includes several software optimizations that will help set it apart. We’ll have a separate post about all of the new software tweaks in an upcoming post and the official review, so make sure you stay tuned to IntoMobile for more Optimus G goodness.

If you’re in the Korean market, you’ll be able to pick one of these bad boys up next week! Other markets are on the way, so stay tuned for more details.

Be sure to take a look at the hands-on video and photo gallery below!

[UPDATE} I stupidly didn’t turn off the camera when the video was done and quickly uploaded it to YouTube without any edits. (fail) Apologies! working to get that fixed!

  • Anonymous

    Feeling this.

  • The end was the best part! xD

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the ‘G’ Logo of the backside is not from ‘G’ from ‘Optimus G’. It’s ‘O’ from Korean telecommunication company. 

  • I like everything about it. definitely want to get some alone time w/ it to better assess it. I think LG has made huge improvements. Just like moto, htc, and sammy, LG will too have their time in the android realm.

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