HTC HD7 gets first Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM

HTC HD7 gets first Windows Phone 7.8 custom ROM

Savvy hackers from the XDA-Developers community have managed to get hold of a non-complete build of Windows Phone 7.8 firmware for a Nokia phone and port it to HTC HD7. Since this is a very early stage build, not everything is working smoothly. Quite the contrary, those looking to try this out will get only the new Windows Phone 8 homescreen and perhaps few tweaks here and there.

In case you wonder, the ROM was dumped from an unspecified Nokia device and is based on Tango 12180, because it won’t boot with WP 7.8 kernel.dll.

The question arises – should you try this at home? While firmware is at this stage, I would say no. With most things not working properly, you’ll get a phone that can’t do many of the basic things. I suggest waiting for another month or so when something more stable is out. Until then, you’re free to join the conversation at XDA-Developers forums.

[Via: WPcentral]

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