iOS 6 on 15% of devices day after release

One of the biggest gripes people have with Android is the update process, or, more specifically, the basic lack thereof. With the last two version updates, even the Google experience Nexus devices have waited months to get updated to the latest version.

iOS continues to provide a contrast to the Android update process, and a report out of Chitika suggests that approximately 15% of eligible iOS users updated to iOS 6 in the first day after the OS was released to the general public, or about 3 times faster than they adopted iOS 5. The latest version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean, is on 1.2% of all Android devices, and the year-old Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is on only 20.9% of Android devices.

Apple controls both the hardware and software side of iOS and iOS devices, making the update process much easier for iOS users. And since Apple can essentially strong-arm the carriers, they don’t get the same carrier delays that bog down the Android update process.

We expect to see the iOS6 market share grow as more customers update their iOS devices in coming weeks, and with the adoption of the new iPhone, set to hit stores tomorrow.

[via VentureBeat, Chitika]



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