FCC may investigate AT&T’s decision to block FaceTime

With the release of iOS 6, AT&T decided it would block FaceTime over cellular for customers who don’t subscribe to AT&T’s Mobile Share Plans. The decision was met with much criticism from groups who felt AT&T violated the FCC’s Open Internet Rules, though AT&T alleged its actions are in compliance with the FCC. Free Press, one of the Net Neutrality advocates opposed to the AT&T decision, filed a formal complaint with the FCC last week, and it appears the FCC may investigate the case shortly.

In an interview with The Verge, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stated that “[if a good-faith effort to resolve the issue] doesn’t lead to a resolution and a complaint is filed, we will exercise our responsibilities and we will act.” The statement is a bit strange since a formal complaint was filed with the FCC, but it appears the FCC and AT&T are already in communication to have AT&T alter its practice, and if those talks don’t go anywhere it appears the FCC will take swift action.

We’ll wait and see how this plays out in coming weeks, but it’s reassuring to see the FCC take action against a practice that could create a slippery slope in the telecommunications industry.

[via The Verge]

  • hope it plays out against AT&T.  but this would force them to pull a Verizon and make everyone who wants to upgrade on the new shared plans

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