Google Play discounts several apps to a quarter to celebrate 25 billion app downloads

Google has announced this morning that the Google Play Store has achieved a massive 25 billion apps downloaded since the service launched in 2008. Google Play is now home to some 675,000 apps and games, and has added tons of music, movie, and TV show content to its fold in the past year or two. To celebrate the 25 billion apps milestone, Google will discount several top paid applications to $0.25 over the next 5 days, and will compile special collections of 25 “must haves” at discounted prices. Examples of the 25 must have collections include 25 movies you must own, 25 banned books, and 25 albums that changed the world.

Customers interested in the discounted apps, movies, books, and music should check out Google Play starting later today, and continue to keep an eye on the store through the end of the month.

[via Google Android Blog]

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