Japan: NTT DoCoMo shows Grip UI, KDDI palm authentication app

NTT DoCoMo shows Grip UI, KDDI palm authentication app

Two Japanese carriers, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, are showing off some cool tech at CEATEC 2012. The former is demoing its Grip UI that wants to make it easier to use your big screen smartphone on a packed train. The solution consists of a trio of grip sensors located along the two edges and across the back of the phone, and gesture software to figure out the way you hold the phone to better serve you. It’s a bit weird but it apparently works, with mentioned sensors detecting up to five levels of pressure from your hand and displaying icons on appropriate places (where they’re easily accessible).

KDDI, on the other hand, has a palm authentication app on display that relies on high-resolution cameras modern Android smartphones have. The process of authenticating is definitely slower than typing your PIN code, but is also more secure. The good news is that the demo app will be released soon to the general public after which KDDI may bundle it with its enterprise-ready smartphones.

Pretty cool stuff when you think about it. 😉

[Via: Engadget]

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