NYC police commissioner blames Apple for rise in crime

The release of the iPhone 5 is just a few weeks removed, and its success has been talked about around the world. The latest Apple iPhone sold a record 2 million handsets during its first weekend. As a result, Apple’s out of this world success with the iPhone has caused crime to rise in the city of Gotham, according to New York City commissioner Ray Kelly. The commish claimed there was a 40 percent jump in the reported thefts of Apple products, which caused crime not to decline in New York this year.

In a conference the police commish had this to say, “Overall crime is up 4 percent. In the absence of the Apple thefts, we would be experiencing a decline.”

This rise in theft has caused the NYPD to carry out new measures. These new rules have gone into effect once the iPhone 5 released. Now New York registers serial numbers and contact details of owners in the event their phones are later stolen. The boys in blue are stepping it up, the police department will be adding undercover officers to patrol the subways where thefts of Apple gadgets often occur.

I know, when you first think about something like this, it screams government overreach. But, with iPhones becoming more and more relevant, it makes it the perfect target for theft. Lets be real, iPhone’s are high commodities, as the popular device usually keeps most of its value and sell for a reasonable price. It’s easy for sketchy dudes who like to rob and steal something that can make them a quick few hundred bucks. I wouldn’t be surprised if other major metropolitan areas followed suit.

[NBC News; via Dvice]


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