Apple’s 30-pin to lightning adapter starts shipping in the land down under

Those of you who’ve purchased an iPhone 5 in the last few weeks, only to find that your old accessories no longer work due to Apple’s migration to the 8-pin Lightning connector, have reason to celebrate this morning. Customers in Australia are reporting this morning that they’ve received notification that Apple’s long-awaited 30-pin to Lightning adapters have begun shipping via kangaroo TNT Express.

The fact that the $29 (cable-free) and $39 (with short cable) adapters are shipping in the land down under likely means that the adapters should be hitting users and Apple stores across the globe shortly, so all you iPhone 5 owners are just a few short days away from finally being able to enjoy that iNuke Boom with your latest Apple toy.

[via MacRumors, Engadget]

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