RIM’s PlayBook pulled from US online stores

According to a report in TechHive, RIM’s PlayBook tablet is disappearing from online retailers in the US. The blog notes that the PlayBook is no longer available at Wal-Mart.com, BestBuy.com, RadioShack.com, Staples.com and OfficeDepot.com.

IDC analyst Bob O’Donnel believes RIM is selling through its inventory and not replenishing its supply of the tablet. The company may be investing its resources into a new PlayBook running BlackBerry 10, instead of continuing with its failed tablet device. RIM has not confirmed that it is working on a BB10 tablet, but most smartphone manufactures now offer a tablet to both complement their smartphones and round out their mobile device portfolio. If RIM wants to be competitive in the mobile space, it may have to follow suit with a bigger and better tablet device.

[Via TechHive]

  • Anonymous

    Why is Apple making a smaller iPad if smaller tablets are so unsuccessful? I thought I read that the PlayBook will get BB10 when the OS is released… ???? As for why they are pulling the tablet from online retailers, I haven’t got a clue. Maybe they are finally about out of them and the rest will be used as thank yous to various whoevers. Or maybe they are going to refurb them with BB10… anyway… random thoughts…

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