Samsung launches new Kies software for desktop

Samsung launches new Kies software for desktop

Samsung released a new version of its Kies software for computers that comes with a brand new user interface. If you’re already running Kies on your desktop/laptop, you’ll be prompted to update and bring it to the latest version (

Aside from the cosmetic changes — that also happen to make the software easier to use — the Korean company also included the option for seamless transfer of data from non-Samsung devices.

Personally I’m not a big fan of Kies and pretty much any desktop software for managing my phone. Cloud services rule my day, big time. I use them for backing up my PIM data, managing my images, notes (Evernote) and so on – it’s much easier to live without wires… don’t you agree?

[Via: SammyHub]

  • Hassanyaseen

    i was wondering if the samsung air msg service was working at all… altho i dont get it why its so hard for samsung remove the kinks in this software (since the new release i have had the PDLR not working error, my sgs2 device not being detected, firmware not updating, and now i realize tht kies air msg the new service they added not working) all worked fine before tho. and i kinda know my way around a computer and smartphones myself. so ive tried and fixed all but now the kies air thing isnt working and im getting annoyed fixing samsung’s crappy mistakes…

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