Woz wishes iPhone 5 had bigger screen, calls Apple ‘arrogant’

Though he doesn’t work there anymore, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has never been known for biting his tongue when he wishes to criticize the technology giant and it doesn’t look like he’ll be starting any time soon. In a recent interview with African tech site TechCentral, he went as far as to call the company “arrogant.”

“Part of me wishes Apple had not been so, kind of, arrogant and feeling like ‘we’re the only one with the right clue,'” the Woz commented. “I wish [Apple] had made wider versions — a small and a large version of the iPhone.” This type of business strategy is often used by manufacturers of Android devices, an OS that Wozniak has openly expressed his appreciation for.

“Not all people want the same thing. A lot of people want the big screens,” Wozniak said. “You get a feeling you’re getting more with a larger screen.”

A testament to his words would be the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is arguably the first phone to put up a real fight with the iPhone and even win in the eyes of many users. It features a 4.8-inch display so it’s capable of showing more content at the same time and shines particularly for games and videos, while games and videos on the iPhone have to be downsized to 4 inches.

When relating the Mac vs. PC rivalry to the iPhone vs. Android, Woz said, “I hated using Windows. I don’t have that feeling about Android.”

Plenty of shots fired at Cupertino today by one of Apple’s own founding fathers. Do you agree with Woz that Apple was arrogant in creating the iPhone 5?

[via TechnoBuffalo]

  • nerdgirl

    seriouly….I just love him! He’s like a nerd omega.

  • I heard you can now purchase a small hood for $25 that goes around the iPhone 5 lens glass…to prevent purple flares…kinda like a condom.

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