Mysterious Juggernaut Alpha phone tracked to Microsoft’s Redmond campus

After being spotted in benchmark tests this summer, the Juggernaut Alpha, an unconfirmed dual-core Windows Phone 8 handset, recently surfaced in the log files of an anonymous developer. The developer provided information to MonWindowsPhone, which suggests the device is being tested from Microsoft’s Redmond Campus.

  • Firmware Version: redmond_83012_123215
  • Windows Phone: 8.0.9903.0
  • InterfaceType: MobileBroadbandGsm
  • LongitudeWGS, LatitudeWGS: -122.140942811966, 47.6432204246521 (Bing Maps)

The GPS coordinates provided by the phone trace it back to Studio H, the building that houses the Windows Phone Design team. The phone also runs a firmware tagged Redmond, which further suggests the handset is a Microsoft-made Windows Phone 8 device. Though Microsoft is not in the phone business, Steve Ballmer recently said at a press event that the company is interested in adding devices to its software lineup.

[Via WMPowerUser and MonWindowsPhone]

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