3 reasons to get the iPad mini over Nexus 7

3 reasons to get the iPad mini over Nexus 7

Let me make this clear – I’m an “Android guy.” I don’t have an iPhone and don’t want one. I like my widgets more than (almost) anything and iOS doesn’t allow me to have them on the homescreen. However, when it comes to tablets, I tend to prefer the iPad with the brand new iPad mini — as an easier to carry around product — topping my list. Here are three reasons why I’ll get iPad mini rather than Nexus 7 (or any other Android tablet for that matter).

1. More apps

There are not that many good apps for Android tablets (to say the least). iPad is the king of the game and iPad users can find an app for just about anything. What’s more, I don’t see this trend reversing any time soon. The reason is simple – developers make much more money selling iOS than Android apps. And when it comes to tablets, the situation is even worse – you don’t have a decent choice of apps for Android tablets.

UPDATE: I had to clarify which apps I’m referring to. I’m talking about titles like iTunes USketchBook Pro for iPadAdobe IdeasHalftoneGarageBandPenultimateNotes Plus and some others; as well many retro games like Secret of the Monkey Island series, North & South, Defender of the Crown, realMyst, Spy vs Spy, MEGAMAN X, Street Fighter and so on and on. Unfortunately these are not available on Android.

2. Better accessories

I was hoping that Google Nexus 7 will push accessory makers to launch an array of different products. And we did seen a number of different cases, holders and other “standard” products. In comparison, there are super-awesome keyboards for iPad that practically transform it into a netbook. And many, many other cool products made for Apple’s tablet, only.

3. I already have Android on my phone

And I don’t need to have Android on all my devices. Calendars and contacts and sync just fine, plus I get to try out all those cool games without owning an iPhone. No need to be religious about any platform…

On the other side, Nexus 7 is more affordable device… So what do you say? Would you grab the iPad mini over Nexus 7?

  • Insese

    nexus forever

  • Anonymous

    With your logic you should also have iPhone.

    • Nope – as I said – I love my widgets. 🙂

  • Rrjois 19

    so u got flattered by the “LIGHTNING” connector????

  • Anonymous

    reason #3 sounds reasonable. 

  • anon

    everyone who has a nexus7 loves it! including myself. yes apple does have more apps but that figure includes 20 different dictionary apps, so that figure is irrelevant anyway. to me apps are overrated which is why i sold my ipad& iphone. 

  • I prefer my Nexus 7 even over my iPad 3, simply because local file access means I can do real work on it and widgets make it a more productive device overall. And there really aren’t as many exclusive apps on the iPad that I love as I thought there’d be. Really, I use the iPad 3 at all because the screen is so luscious and so video and images look so good. DirecTV, HBO Go, Netflix are all done on the iPad. Everything else is done on the Nexus 7. I can’t image a smaller version of the iPad with a low resolution screen to be any better.

  • Tech

    @anon everyone who has a nexus7 loves it!. Well i have a Nexus 7 and its a piece of crap. Phone apps on a tablet give me a break and the small choice of apps is terrible. My Nexus is for the rubbish heap as soon as I can get a iPad mini. One thing Android will always win is having lots of viruses and mail-ware but you wont hear android fanboys owining up to that.

    • Aykalam

      I am 100% sure you either don’t even have a Nexus. or you don’t know how to use a tablet.

    • Drogers

      LOL, What a joke. What else is garbage is the higher price tag on the iPad Mini and it CAN’T EVEN PLAY HD CONTENT. Thats right, it’s only SD! In this day and age, not being able to play HD? And you have tablets for way cheaper that can play HD? Thats garbage too. Go ahead make an excuse for why that’s not important. I could list more thats not right about the iPad Mini for the price but I wasted enough time.

    • Pep

      You go ahead and pay more for a product that does less enjoy your SD content let me know what its like living in 2002 again. As long as your not a moron and you’re not downloading your apps from sketchy web sites you don’t need to worry about viruses.

    • Default User

      You don’t have a Nexus 7.

  • I have a Galaxy Note 2, and I’ve already ordered my ipad mini. 32gb, and I just got my shipping email.

  • Neil Gillibrand

    1 – ok, perhaps others have a different experience but I have an android tablet and I’ve never had an issue obtaining an app for anything I need. The ONLY app that suffers from the “phone app on a tablet” is the facebook app. But Facebook have admitted this is their fault because of using html 5 instead of a native app. 

    2 – if you mean better official accessories then fine. But there is a plethora of accessories available to for Android tablets from car holders, to cases to keyboards. You do have to actually look for them so lazy people need not apply. 

    3 – what? Your reason to get an ipad mini is because you have an android phone? Okay. So having to rebuy apps is a good thing? Very odd. 

    People have freedom of choice and people wanting to buy an Ipad Mini then good for them. But please, if your going to write an article about why to buy one over a better, cheaper tablet at least make the reasons real ones. 

    I’ll start you off. Choose the mini over the 7 if you are already tied into apple ecosystem, you don’t mind the extra expense and you want a small tablet with a camera on the back. 

    • Mark

      Give this man, a reporting job!

  • Some of the worst reasons ever! Reason 1) Not sure what the difference between 500,000 apps and a million apps as long as you have the apps you need 2) The case I currently have for my Nexus is amazing, though to be honest I seldom buy a product for the accessories 3) You don’t want apps, music, books, etc to sync across your devices, you like buying things twice?  I love my Nexus 7, but pretty sure any apple fan could have written a better list.

    Also forgot, because of those 3 reasons, you like paying over one hundred dollars more….

  • Anonymous

    You, sir, are definitely NOT an “Android Guy.”

  • Drogers

    The iPad Mini is priced too high for what it offers. The iPad Mini CAN’T EVEN PLAY HD CONTENT. Thats right, it’s only SD! In this day and age, not being able to play HD and at that price? And you have tablets for way cheaper that can play HD content. People who want it can make an excuse for why that’s not important but not me.
    At that price the wifi model doesn’t even come with GPS. All that extra cost and it has lower resolution, no GPS and can’t play HD. It’s not that these things are not there or it can’t do this and that (to me), it’s that it’s priced how high it is compared to those tablets that can offer those things but at a way cheaper cost.
    So although I own a lot of Apple products I am not buying the iPad Mini. I will buy the Nexus 7.

  • Remierwan

    I have used and owned the whole generations of iphone plus 2 iPad. I visited US and a friend told me to get Nexus 7 as it is not available in Singapore yet. One of the most obvious reason is the price ($199 for 16gb). I decided to check it out. I had bad experience with Android when using Sony Xperia X. Probably because its a bad phone. But the moment I purchase for a friend and test it back in the hotel (bought it from GameStop in Pentagon City Mall and the box is sealed and not allowed to test), I was impressed that I went back to grab 3 more sets to wife and kids to use.

    iOS gets a little stale and rigid over time. You can do more stuff on Android than iOS. iOS is more stable compared to Android. I had a couple of apps which crashes every now and then. Probably because the apps are not direct from Google Play, hence not 100% compatible for Nexus(since Android is build for so many different hardwares)

    But I have been hooked to Nexus and my iPads is catching dust. Basically, if you have access to iOS from iPhone or iPad, Nexus may give you fresh stuff. Take note: I have lot of apps that I have purchase in app store. So a lot of my games and other stuff have to be repurchased in Google Play.

  • I don’t really think those are compelling reasons, having Android on your phone and tablet means not having to buy apps you want to have on both twice, and yes although some apps aren’t available on Android those title get fewer and further between every day. Also if you count emulators you have more retro gaming options on Android including Monkey Island on dosbox.

    as for Accessories, I have a stereo Dock for my iPod on my home theatre and an alarm clock/dock and other than the clock acting as a charger neither gets use anymore, when i want to play music I simply use allshare DLNA wireless streaming from my Galaxy Note to my TV or 5.1 system and even if you don’t have a tv that has this out of the box there are plenty of $100 and sub $100 media players that do allow this. HDMI out is about the only feature i’d miss on the nexus 7 which is why i’m holding out for a tablet with similar features but with hdmi and micro SD.

  • Lzmperu

    Do you get paid to write this kind of bullsh**?
    Get informed………

  • AndreW

    Very “convincing” reasons! Now I’m shure it’s better to buy Nexus 7!

  • And with that… I stopped reading intomobile posts.

    These blatant “articles” that pit your reads of differing OS against each other just for page hits are boring…

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest: Besides the browser and maybe Gmail, the apps on the Nexus 7 suck. The apps on iPad mini probably won’t. It’s still overpriced but the iPad mini does have a crazy advantage when it comes to software. 

    • cole cathey

      I have a hard time swallowing this point. I hear it from lots of ipad fans but I have to say that I have never had an issue finding any app that I want on my nexus 7. Saying the apps on the nexus 7 suck is like saying that android apps suck. Maybe a better point would be that the ipad has more apps that are optimized for being used on a tablet? That being said I also have to point out that there is a difference between an app that is a production booster and an app that teaches you to play a piano. From my perspective I have no use of a lot of the “Optimized for tablet” apps that are out there. The initial apps that run on android are more than enough for me to use my nexus 7 as a production tool, not a baby sitter.

      • Anonymous

        Most Android apps do suck.

  • Jacob

    By what you’re saying I should probably go out and buy a first generation iPad. I mean it’ll have more accessories and apps… Oh, wait… It’ll have about the same number of apps just not the ones you prefer. Sorry about that. Performance and price obviously have nothing to do with this so I guess your article makes perfect sense. I’m done with intomobile. Just posting articles to get a rise out of people in hopes of more hits. Well this is the last straw for me.

  • Err, no thanks. The iPad mini is inferior technology, made of parts that are almost 2 years behind that of the Nexus 7….for $150 more.

  • These are the worst 3 reasons to choose the iPad mini over the Nexus 7. My original plan was to get the iPad Mini and I was going with that until the day it was announced. I used both for an extended period of time and I have to say I’m so ecstatic I went with the Nexus 7 in the long run!

  • Joe YouKnow

    Who knows history may repeat itself. There was a similar rivalry in the 80’s. Ever heard of the Apple II and Commodore 64 revolution? The commodore 64 was also half the price of the Apple II. And if there is something that history has shown us from that is that people really like things half price from the competition. Commadore 64 did very well for itself.

  • Davon.W

    My main problem with this article is that price difference between the two tables you think those three almost unnoticeable reasons are going to cause me to pay at least 150 more?

  • John

    You have to be kidding. Your reasons don’t hold water. I own both an IPad and a Nexus 7. At least all the apps I use I found on the Android platform as well as the iPad. The Nexus 7 is not as wide and the IPad mini and is easier to carry around with me through the day and the almost $140 difference in price is not insignificant. At least not for me. Personally I don’t care what operating system is on the device but the Nexus works smoothly, has all the apps I need and has a fantastic price. I can even use my iPad keyboard with it as its Bluetooth anyway.

  • ajcolb21

    you forgot to talk about how the nexus 7’s CPU absolutely destroys that of the iPad mini. enough said

  • Tee

    Having bought both Nexus 7 (2012) and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the past year, I can say that iOS is still ahead of Android. My older iPad 2 and iPhone 4 still perform just as good as the day I got them.

    The Nexus 7 was good at first, but Android’s ecosystem just gets worse by time. The amount of background sync and running apps (that re-open by themselves when you close them) hinder the overall performance and drain battery. Even when using battery savers, Greenify (great app) and constantly killing apps in task manager, you still get sluggish performance and battery loss. The Note 3 was a monster, great screen, great battery life but the form factor cannot be used as a tablet only, just a bigger phone.

    I sold both Android devices and getting the new iPad Mini Retina. Oh and just to be clear, I never owned a Mac in my entire life. I’ve been using PCs ever since the 80286 chips.

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