Microsoft is rumored to be testing out its own smartphone

Microsoft is in talks with suppliers in Asia to make its own smartphone, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Like most handsets on the market today, the source in the report claims the phone is supposed to be between four and five inches. The folks behind the testing of this device, don’t know if the Microsoft phone would go into mass production. Of course, Microsoft is mum on the details of this report.

One thing we’ve learned about the software giant is it has a keen interest in making its own hardware, just look at the Surface RT. It’s not at all surprising that the company would consider producing their own smartphone. Producing its own software and hardware in-house, mimics an Apple-like business model — a model which has been extremely successful for Apple. It only makes sense for a company as big and power as Microsoft to make this kind of move, as we live in a time of technology that continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

With the recent launch of Windows Phone 8, the company has refocused and centered all its attention into grabbing mind share away from both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

[WSJ; via cnet]


  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft folks is opening stores all over the place Most store chains have their own brand name products that most of the time cost a little less than the other brands that they are selling. I very much expect Microsoft to not only to sell their OWN BRAND NAME smart phone but I expect that they will sell a nice Surface ultra book laptop computer. I suggest that Microsoft make very special “Surface RT” that runs on the newest Intel Atom CPU rather than any ARMS CPU because Microsoft is the master of writing software using the Intel CPU architecture standards. Since windows 8 and windows RT use the same NT core it would be easy for them to make an “Surface that runs only Windows store Apps Like Windows RT tablets using ARMs CPU’s do. The Windows “Surface  RT-Atom”  is the name I would give this Apps store only running “surface computer. Yoo Microsoft try this out and tell how well it will work. I bet you it will work better than ARMS CPU  tablets       .

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