Rumor: Apple unlikely to approve Google Maps app for iOS

There’s a report floating around claiming that Apple is unlikely to approve a Google Maps app for iOS. It’s been speculated for some time that the search giant has been hard at work developing a Google Maps alternative for the iPhone. The Android maker has had a few months now to prepare for Apple’s decision to remove Google Maps from iOS. Not to mention, the company recently released a standalone version of YouTube to the App Store after Apple removed that service from iOS as well.

In this latest report, the Guardian has been told that the Maps app may not see the light of day in the App Store. Furthermore, after speaking to Google employees, the Guardian found that the search giant is “not optimistic” that Apple will approve Google Maps. Although this doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.

This screams of shadiness on Apple’s part, if the report is true. This shows that Apple is unwillingly to offer its users a strong competing app on its mobile platform. The wall garden is in full effect. You shouldn’t be at all surprised though, because the maker of all iProducts is determined to right its wrong with Maps. Not too long ago, reports started to circulate about the company trying to poach former Google Maps employees to help improve its own Maps service that launched with a slew of issues. It’s clear Apple’s bad blood with Google is playing a part here.

Unfortunately, this only hurts consumers, as many folks who own an iPhone and love Google’s Maps service, will have to stay relegated to using Google Maps in the iOS browser.

[Guardian; via cnet]


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