Microsoft rumored to be working on 7″ Xbox Surface gaming tablet

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft is working on an Xbox Surface gaming tablet with a 7-inch screen. The product was rumored back in June as well, though many expected the Xbox Surface was off the table once Microsoft unveiled the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets back in June. If Warren’s sources are correct, Microsoft may still secretly be working on the Xbox Surface project, which could parallel the tablet controller offered by Nintendo’s WiiU, which is set to launch later this month.

Little is known about the Xbox Surface at this point; Warren’s sources suggest the tablet will include a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM suitable for gaming. The tablet won’t run the full Windows RT or Windows 8, but will instead run a custom Windows kernel and be geared for Xbox gaming.

The company has been working on the Surface line of tablets in secrecy in locked down buildings on the Microsoft campus. Microsoft has recently locked down a few Xbox buildings as well, which could corroborate the notion that Microsoft is working on and testing an Xbox Surface tablet. Of course, time will tell if the company is working on an Xbox Surface tablet, though us gamers are certainly holding out hope that this rumor pans out.

[via The Verge]

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