The Surface RT 32GB tablet is really a 16GB tablet

Why I may buy Microsoft Surface RT once it's released?

Those buying the 32GB Surface RT tablet may be in for a bit of a shock when they venture into the device’s file explorer. Microsoft posted a new answer in their FAQ document yesterday which answers the oft-asked question of how much usable space the Surface RT tablet actually has. According to the document, once space reserved for Windows Recovery Tools (5GB) and Windows RT, Office RT, and other built-in applications (8GB) are taken into account, owners of the 32GB Surface RT tablet are left with just 16GB of storage to use for applications and files. Owners of the 64GB Surface RT have a bit more space, with 45GB of usable free space.

The numbers show how bulky the Windows Programs are. By comparison, Apple’s 32GB iPad leaves users about 28GB of free space available once the OS and pre-installed applications are taken into account, and the numbers will likely be very similar to the iPad for Google’s upcoming Nexus 10 tablet.

Microsoft notes that users can expand the storage of their Surface RT tablet by utilizing the company’s SkyDrive cloud storage platform, or by the microSD card slot included in the Surface RT, which adds up to 64GB of internal storage to the tablet. Of course, you’ll only be able to add files, music, videos, and other content to the microSD card, as apps will need to run on the built-in storage on the Surface RT.

[via Microsoft]

  • alexxx


  • wow microsoft……I actually like the surface tablets, but once again you return to your roots of getting the next generation of tablets/mobile computers wrong………Android and iOS will rule the next generations of tablets and mobile computing……good luck with holding on to the pc OS market share……..

  • Luckyj26

    OMG Guys, Let´s check iPad:) iPad has 16 GB= real 14 GB and is “empty” and honestly show me how you will upgrade iPad memory about next 32 GB per 30 USD ( Micro SDHC):)

  • Here is another way to write this headline….

    “The amazing Microsoft Surface 32GB tablet comes with nearly 16GB of value added software (Including MS Office Suite) at no extra cost!”

    If you decide you want extra space more than you want the software, you can remove it. If you want more space and you want to keep the software, you are in luck! The Surface, unlike most other junky tablets, has expandable storage! Woo Hoo!

    It’s all how you spin it, isn’t it.

    “The influence of the media and their headlines have a powerful effect on the weak-minded.” -Obi-Wan

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