Samsung may include 1080P HD AMOLED displays on future flagship phones

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini now available in many European countries

Samsung is supposedly eyeing 1080P HD AMOLED displays for its future high-end smartphone models, says a Korean report. The company currently uses HD AMOLED displays in its flagship Galaxy S III and Note 2 models, but this may change in the next few years.

The translated report in claims Samsung Electronics turned down an offer for 1080P HD LCDs from Japan Display and decided to work with in-house Samsung Display on the AMOLED panels instead. The company reportedly considered pricing and production capabilities when making this decision.

The AMOLED displays would be available in 1920 x 1080 resolution, which would result in a smartphone with a pixel density of approximately 440ppi, This beats out the iPhone 5’s 326ppi and closes in on Sharp’s new 5-inch 1080P HD LCD panels, which top out at 443ppi.

[Via Sammobile and DDaily]

  • JettaMan

    I’m pretty sure the S3 and Note 2 uses Super AMOLED screens at 720p.

  • Guest

    Im pretty sure the author was living in another solar system…
    Samsung has been using Amoled on its flagship devices for the past few years…

  • All of the galaxy s phones use amoled. Galaxy s3 has an HD amoled. I have no idea how i got to this site but ill be sure to avoid from now on. OK see you later intomobile.

  • Bobo

    Hahaha, fail. You really can’t get much more wrong than that.

  • Bobo

    Hahaha, fail. You really can’t get much more wrong than that.

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