BlackBerry 10 device spotted next to an iPhone 5

Its no secret that RIM is working on two BlackBerry 10 devices that’ll launch in early 2013. RIM confirmed it will be announce the handsets in January 2013, and several leaks claim to show the devices in the wild. The latest image to hit the rumor mill comes from TechCrunch and allegedly shows a BB10 device sitting next to an iPhone 5.

As shown in the leaked photo, the BB10 handset appears slightly wider and about the same length as the iPhone 5, which is enclosed in a transparent-colored bumper. Eyeballing it, the screen on the RIM handset seems to be significantly bigger than the iPhone’s screen. An noted by TechCrunch, the boxy, black styling of the BlackBerry phone is also reminiscent of the Droid X/X2, which Motorola introduced a few years ago.

Though the BB10 device is plugged in, it isn’t powered on, so we can’t get a sneak peek at the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. We will have to wait until another rumor surfaces or RIM announces the final shipping version of the mobile OS at the end of January.

[Via TechCrunch]

  • Guest

    Nice! Looks very sleek

    • Anonymous

       Agreed, but will it help RIM? I doubt…

  • I find it comforting that they kept the Blackberry logo emblazoned across the front. The lack of side bezels is also very alluring. Looks like a solid piece of hardware.

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