GIVEAWAY: Win a HTC One X+ from IntoMobile and AT&T! [UPDATE]

What’s better than buying a new phone? Winning one, of course! That’s why IntoMobile and AT&T will soon be giving away a brand new HTC One X+. Not only one of the most powerful devices available at AT&T, but across the globe, and that’s thanks to the 1.7 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 ‘4-PLUS-1’ quad-core processor. This handset will shred through absolutely anything you can throw at it with style, and now you have a chance to get your hands on this bad boy for free!

The successor to HTC’s One X that knocked our socks of with a sexy design and powerful innards, the HTC One X+ is a force to be reckoned with.

So what’s so special about it HTC One X+? Here are a few highlights:

  • Design and Finish– If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! HTC’s One X is still one of our favorite handsets of the year and its sexy design remains intact. The uni-bodied design ensures a solid feel and looks gorgeous in anyone’s hand. To compliment the design even more, AT&T’s One X+ will have an exclusive Carbon Black finish.
  • Sense 4+ – HTC’s highly refined Sense 4 was an impressive achievement for the custom user interface, and Sense 4+ takes it over the top with some great new tweaks!
  • Storage – The new HTC One X+ may not have a microSD card slot, but you’ll have 64GB of internal storage to use up first! You’ll be able to store all your media without worrying about a thing.
  • 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 quad-core CPU – Not only is the new Tegra 3 one of the fastest CPUs in the world, it also has several exclusive games, developed and optimized specifically for NVIDIA’s powerful processor. If you like to game on your phone, look no further. Personally, I can’t live without a handful of games that only Tegra Zone offers.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – Rocking one of the sweetest versions of Android to date, the HTC One X brings you the great features that come in Android 4.1, and will be updated to 4.2 in the near future.

The contest will run until the end of next week, and the winner will be chosen and contacted on Friday, November 23rd. Entering the contest is as easy as leaving your answer in the comments section to this question:

What’s the first thing you would with your brand new HTC One X+?

Download a game? If so, throw it in your answer! Or maybe you’d want to customize all of your homescreens to make yourself feel at home. It’s all relevant, so let us know!

[UPDATE] Congratulations Neil T for winning the HTC One X+!!

  • Anonymous

    Unlock Bootloader

  • Need a new phone!

  • The first thing I always do to my phone root it.

  • Robotphood

    Throw my htc Evo out the window!

  • Tariq

    Most likely root/unlock it

  • Jeff Cannon

    The first thing I’d do with the HTC One X+? Turn it on.

  • Anonymous

    I’d probably download a Tegra Specific game to see the difference between that and the non-tegra games.

  • throw my ugly mytouch away ! lol

  • Anonymous

    Root it like there’s no tomorrow.

  • I would check out the awesome camera features and watch youtube videos on the amazing screen.

  • First thing I would do with the One X+ is take a picture of my Sensation 4G to throw it on Craigslist.  🙂

  • The first thing I would do is probably throw on a screen protector to make sure that stunning screen stays perfect! after that, it would be downloading all my apps and customizing the homescreens. 

  • Take it to the mountain and record some videos while I am skiing at Mt. Rose ski resorts and post it on facebook.

  • Deez

    First thing would be to put on a Zagg HD screen protector, wait a few hours for it to dry (couldn’t wait any longer then that even though you should), then set up all my email accounts and play with the widgets and what not.

  • Deez

    First thing would be to put on a Zagg HD screen protector, wait a few hours for it to dry (couldn’t wait any longer then that even though you should), then set up all my email accounts and play with the widgets and what not.

  • What’s the first thing you would with your brand new HTC One X+?Benchmarks!!!

  • What’s the first thing you would with your brand new HTC One X+?Benchmarks!!!

  • Anonymous

    ..slap a hello kitty case on it.  Seriously.

  • Patrick

    Laugh at somebody with an iPhone

  • Kenny Wong

    I’ll let my HTC One X+ talk some Sense into me, and then use it to call my ex-girlfriend to patch things up 🙂

  • Rob

    Put a OtterBox Defender case on it to protect that great screen.

  • turn it on

  • Customize it all the way!

  • Alan Vigil

    Turn it on.

  • rasselok

    the first thing i would do is explore the device, (I’m used to a Samsung phone but i like HTC better) and customise it, and test out the camera, tegra games, and beats audio  

  • Joe

    Make sure it’s an X+ not an X.

  • Anonymous

    Use Google Maps and NOT take it for granted any more … (A comment from a very disgruntled IOS6 user …)

  • Jon

    Activate it!

  • Fabian

    Download and install all my apps

  • Mbegley33

    Take in all of its wonderful beauty!!!! and Twitter it up on how I got my new phone!!

  • Anonymous

    Caress it.

  • Dricez00

    I would write on it. How i have missed my old htc that i could write on.

  • Anonymous

    After activation and set up, the first thing that I will do is web browsing.

  • 12hottamales

    Download all of my apps and customize it as close to
    my old phone as possible

  • Simon

    Install Facebook and let everyone know I won the HTC One X+ !!

  • Steve

    Sell it and get the nexus 4

  • sign onto twitter

  • Anonymous

    listen to my music

  • TDeeZe

    Take it to the mountain and fire off some pics of that GOAT!!!!! Then find that dudes lunch from the commercial, eat and browse my new awesome phone!!!!

  • Aldrinjayagpaoa

    Download facebook and customize home screens

  • Anonymous

    first thing I’d do is load my camera apps and go for a walking, snapping pics as I go

  • Nader Shihada

    Show it off to all of my IPhone using friends and family! HTC FTW!

  • oyva

    Download Need for Speed Most Wanted so I can test the phone with a great game!

  • Viktor Kukucka

    I would download game mass effect and enjoy sound and graphics

  • Nalatnoma

    Download music!

  • Rooting and overclocking !! Life in the fast(er) lane !!

  • John

    I would download photo effects for nifty camera!

  • Colton0117

    I would go on YouTube and find my fav song and listen to it with the beats audio

  • Aoife Morrissey

    I would download as many movies, songs and games to really test it… Will it get slower the more I download??? I want to see did you really make it the best phone ever and should I tell all my friends to buy it?? 😀

  • Matthew Moncus

    I will take an HD video and share it.

  • NicoT.

    I would definitely listen to all my songs with beats audio 🙂 couldn’t ressist one second

  • daisy

    ring my parents n bro n tell them i won HTC X+ !!!!

  • choose my favorite theme, then download my favorite apps and games, and then load up whats left of them 64gb of memory with music, movies, and pictures, then enjoy the next 2yrs of my cellular life

  • Doan

    I’d check out Sense and the manufacturer/carrier bloatware for an hour or two, before rooting and CM10’ing.

  • maurizio

    Hide it from my sister and give it to her on Xmas !!! 😀

  • Jake

    I would upload my workout playlist and hit to gym with my beats headphones and new HTC OneX+!!!

  • I would take a photo with it and then try to fill up that 64gb asap

  • Emil Miranda

    I would put NetFlix on it so my kids can watch Power Rangers for the 1000th time.

  • For me it would be all about the shopping apps and gps/navigation apps. I’m always getting lost and it’ll only get worse now that shopping season is here and I’ll need to navigate my way to several stores

  • Chris Towne

    Log in to my Google account!

  • Boyd Perkins

    drain the battery as fast as possible playing games on the subway

  • Anonymous

    Put a couple HD movies on there to start cycling that battery!

  • Rmchew

    First I would transfer all my contacts and start calling my friends. After all, it is primarily a phone.

  • I will watch the movies, the good, the bad and the ugly + the weird 😉

  • vladcocos

    I would set up all my email accounts, and customize the layout of the icons on my screen, like i always have them!

  • Emil Mitrasca

      After taking pictures, movies, listening to music, browse the internet, facebook, flipboard, talk on the phone of course, remain and admire the phone even closed because it is a piece of art.

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice

  • Anonymous

    Sync up everything, and then of course download Words With Friends.

  • Chester Foster

    The first thing that I would do with my brand new HTC One X+
    is show it off to all my family members and friends. I would then make a
    Youtube video showing off how awesome and useful such a magnificent phone the
    One X+ is. The majority of my family and friends all have the I-phone and they
    live for apple. I would love the opportunity to show them the best that android
    and HTC have to offer.  I currently own
    my beloved HTC One X (AT&T) and when I first got it my brother and a few of
    my friends had to get one and they did.

  • Candy

    I would connect it to my television and play some cool Wii games on it, and when I need to go because I’m late for the bus, I’ll continue playing some games from Tegra Zone.

  • Anonymous

    I would take pictures of my cat. God she’s gorgeous. I hope the One X+ can capture that.

    • Anonymous

      Pictures of your cat. Didnt see that one coming from you! Your cat’s beauty might automatically disqualify you from the contest. 

  • Teflonmt

    I would show it off to my tech savvy friends. All four of them

  • Roque Arias

    I would call my grandma..and then snap some pictures of my little boy

  • will throw away my ipod and would fill in the huge 64gb one x+ drive with all my trance tracks and turn on the beats audio 

  • Halmaweri

    I would download the apps that are not available at the windows store. Since I have the Nokia Lumia 920 I would love to have the HTC one X+. I missed my Android apps.

  • Hrishi

    First thing I do is install autocad and skype 🙂

  • Anonymous

    first thing i’d do is load up the 64GB’s with media

  • MrDuhawesome

    The first thing I would do is sync all my music from my galaxy player to the one X+ then give the galaxy player to my best friend for Christmas because she always wanted an android device.

  • Anthony Prout

    I would enjoy Jelly Bean and Google Now

  • Hopefully root and unlock bootloader.

  • Omarmunoz1998

    The first thing I would do is receive a call from the egyptian government informing me that their powerful cube of rubic had been stolen, I would then board an airplane to egypt where I will watch my favorite movies on the awesome 5 inch screen. When I get to egypt I will the gps to locate the cube of rubic. I will then reach the cube of rubic, find out that megatron has stolen it and the only way I can get it back is if I beat megatron in angry birds. Then I will accept megatrons challenge and beat him because his phone was lagging because it didn’t have the processing power to beat the nvidia tegra 3 processors inside the htc one x+. Megatron will handover the cube of rubic and leave in shame. I will return the cube of rubic and return home and give it to my brother as a birthday present

  • Mario Marentes

    The first thing i’m going to do is call my friends and tell them i got the new htc one x+.

  • Anonymous

    Install all missing google services. Not sure what comes pre-installed – Voice, Maps, G+, Talk, Reader, etcetcetc….

  • Angelvill31

    i’d give it to my mom

  • i will bookmark intomobile website and keep it on my homescreen

  • Anonymous

    I would restore from the backup of my One X

  • Kean

    Record myself throwing my current phone against a brick wall and, from that, falling into a fire.

  • Pcolv33

    I would install my live wallpapers on that amazing screen!

  • David franco

    get benchmark happy

  • gokupop

    i will Benchmark it

  • doodle

    i will play angry birds star wars

  • Anonymous

    I would compare benchmarks with my One XL.

  • root it:-)

  • First? I’d just look at it. Then I’d feel its awesomeness. Then I’d probably have someone use it to record a slow mo recording of me walking out of the at&t store looking like a boss carrying the One X+ box. And if I got it in the mail I’d take a picture of my Inspire 4G’s brokenness and post about it on Facebook talking about my amazing new One X+ and its beast camera quality… Then take a self portrait because the thought of having a front facing camera just makes me want to do that. Lol. Then I’d put all of my music on it and listen to it with Beats turned on… Then I’d play some of the Tegra zone games… And try the LTE… And watch a movie because the battery life will be so amazing compared to my Inspire’s… Oh, the possibilities…

  • billy

    it will be my first smart/cell phone

  • I haven’t had an HTC since Sprint’s Hero so I would check out all of the HTC Sense new feature and customize the thing to my liking

  • I haven’t had an HTC since Sprint’s Hero so I would check out all of the HTC Sense new feature and customize the thing to my liking

  • WarrenG

    I would root it

  • Chris

    I would take a picture of me holding it and post it on Facebook with the heading saying I WIN

  • Cory

    I would show it off to all my friends who have iPhones

  • Caesar

    I will Mod it and make it my own !

  • Make a phone call!! So many of us forget that a smartphone has a phone part as well!!

  • MarkyJ

    I will read every intomobile ever written!

  • Anonymous

    Root it and install Cyanogenmod

  • ajs

    Since I’m still using a phone with only texting, I would greatly appreciate the functionality of the HTC OneX+ for its seamless use of applications

  • J-Man

    The first thing? That would be a toss-up between uploading all my music to it and taking some video…

  • jaime Rodriguez

    if i Won i would give my GS2 to my dad, make him leave his feature phone 🙂

  • HTCfanAMK

    The first thing i would do with my Brand New HTC One X+ that I won from IntoMobile and AT&T would be to test out the Beats Audio!

  • firstly, i ll install sm important apps. take a week to explore its beauty & see how much of its performance m getting. then i ll flaunt it among my geeky buddies. being a computer science student, i ll be using every feature of it.
    currently, m using HTC Explorer, getting my hands on HTC One X+ would be a blessing. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would customize my homescreens and explore the Sense UI, because I’ve never used an HTC phone before. Then I’d probably install some games in that huge internal storage and admire how smoothly they run.

  • Donna Barkley

    Cut ties with Verizon, download the Flipboard App and add Intomobile.

  • HTC >>> Any Other Company

    First thing I would do with it is unlock it’s bootloader, root it, install a custom recovery, and then begin creating ROMS for the rest of the android community! I’m an HTC fanboy.

  • Daniel

    I would give it to my daughter. She just turned 13.

  • Anonymous

    I would switch over to AT&T and make IntoMobile my home page!

  • I’d turn it on and sync my Google account

  • Rene Rendon Jr.

    First thing I would do is benchmark it.

  • Anonymous

    Take a picture of my dog

  • ak101

    First thing which is obvious to do is to unbox it and charge it and power it on when its fully charged so that I get the maximum output to explore play start using my phone to its fullest 😀

  • I would take pictures like a mad mad man just holding down the shutter button since it can take pictures so wickedly fast!!!

  • zach

    I would listen to some music and enjoy the quality of the beats audio

  • First thing I would do is load it up with songs and listen to the great sound of beats audio. 

  • smjbb

    take a picture of my cat and dog, then figure out the phone!

  • Patrick Blackwell

    Compare it in a drop test against the iphone 5 ;D

  • Anonymous

    Home screens…i might play around with new formations but I’d definitely have to set those up to feel comfy.

  • I’d get jiggy with it…

  • The first thing I would do is download as many games as I can

  • Eli

    i would root it 🙂

  • Aang

    I would spend all day on the phone learning it and customize it of course. It would be my first HTC phone.

  • Brandon

    I would import all of my music on the phone

  • Show off its beauty and power to all my iphone toting friends. =)

  • I would flash the rom and install some of the gameloft games that my current phone that I am locked to can not play! 🙂 Cheers!

  • lorenz villero

    i would download all the tegra games.

  • alexxx

    Hahaha, what a tease, I got the OneX T3 but it is the upgrades in the + that will make this phone last me a solid 2-3 years! it is indestructible, unscratchable and immaculate. There is no other tech this sexy. Once I got the cash to upgrade, or even win in some crazy online contest, I’ll put my index finger in the center of the “T” on the back logo and check if it is perfectly balanced like the original, so you can literally spin it 🙂 …secondly, I’ll stare at the back more than the screen, for first several weeks, imagine I’m Batman..-ok, that’s enough, 2mch Mcdnds strwbry mlkshke, wth, sugr levl ovr 9000!!! GOOD LUCK YA’L!

  • Download the bible app

  • pedro torres

    Test its performance with the best full hd movies! Its sound quality of beats audio! And make my friends jelly with the best apps and benchmark performance!

  • Gerard Montesclaros

    The first thing I’d do is thank IntoMobile then explore and admire its features, install screen protector and case.Then, unlock and use it with the utmost care. And I’ll sleep with it every night.

  • Gerard Montesclaros

    The first thing I’d do is thank IntoMobile then explore and admire its features, install screen protector and case.Then, unlock and use it with the utmost care. And I’ll sleep with it every night.

  • Kart180

    Customize my homescreens and download Angry birds

  • Kart180

    Customize my homescreens and download Angry birds

  • Cheeto08

    I would customize my screens and add my favorite widgets before really firing this baby up

  • Nick Rynjah

    Take a picture of the sexy thing, post it on Facebook and Google+ and show to the world my brand new sexy looking HTC One X+

  • richmahnn

    test my android apps

  • aqua

    I will watch Avenger on this phone

  • marvynw..into

    This is a really cool prize ……I wanna win some thing …..make me a winner Intomobile & AT&T!!!

  • I’ll root it 😉


    Excited to learn more and try everything since this will be my first smart phone. Email set up will be my first stop! All the best, Jane

  • Gifts for your loved one!

  • I will check for a new updates of Android and Sense, after that I will customize all options of this smartphone.

  • I would import all of my music on the phone

  • I’d make crazy cat video post them to you tube and play angry birds star wars edition.

  • Anonymous

    load twitter

  • I’ll laugh and rejoice and then will read the instruction carefully.

  • root.

  • show of to my friends

  • Anonymous

    Figure out how to transfer from iOS to Jelly Bean! I would be a convert!

  • download a racing game

  • Obviously I’d open the box first. Then I’d insert the battery and turn it on. The sky’s the limit from there…

  • monitize it

  • monitize it

  • I’d load it up with HD movies and watch them on it!

  • I’d love it 1st thing, 2 I’d customize it for sure and make use of the freaking processor and screen :DD

  • John

    Find all the apps my HTC Desire can’t handle.

  • Christopher Mann

    easy: first thing I would do is download all my personal ringtones and wallpapers to it so I can bask in the glorious screen this bad boy has

  • I’d probably arrange the home screen so I can get around quickly. And then I’d get a case, because I have a bad history with that kind of thing… 🙂

  • I would need to get it charged up fully then a full day of tinkering to try to get the most out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Test the performance of my Android apps (imaging + games) on it. I’m always looking for more speed.

  • Anonymous

    replace my lumia 800

  • Turn it on…Duh! HAHA. Then activate it.

  • Sounds like a really nice phone. I’d need one to test it out. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cry a little, then come to terms, then say goodbye to my long owned Dinc2, then bask in the glory of Tegra 3, 720P, and HTC.

  • Despyse

    Would play some Tegra-ified apps.

  • Ezio Shepard

    First thing is to load Shadowgun for the Tegra 3 and play all day!

  • Ezio Shepard

    First thing is to load Shadowgun for the Tegra 3 and play all day!

  • Madz

    shows off to apple fanboys.. duhhhh

  • I’d test out google’s app, Field Trip

  • Ilias Apostolopoulos

    Root it and install a custom rom

  • Anonymous

    The first thing that I would do with the HTC One X+ is:

    “$ repo sync” and build some LOVE for it to share 🙂

    Well… I guess I would need to unlock it first…so then perhaps I would download the unlock tool and unlock it 🙂

    Sort of tied into the Nexus / AOSP platform atm but really want to get into HTC development because of their awesome friggin’ hardware… I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

    THEN I would put my Gnex on craigslist to pay for my early termination with Vzw lol

  • chris

    root it then overclock it…see what it can really do 🙂

  • ohohoh
    root flash overclock bench
    and wait 3dmark mobile

  • Void my warranty.

  • Adam Klein

    I will flaunt the fantastic display to all who will look and listen

  • Download apps and tweet how I won the phone.

  • test out the camera.

  • Send a text #motorola ” See Ya!” then burn my Atrix 4G! Motofail

  • jules mcnubbin

    i’d take a pic of myself holding it and tweet it to my bf

  • SetiroN

    Install CM

  • take a picture of me smashing my iPhone 4 with a automatic hammer that I got for Christmas last year.btw,who an the hell has a automatic hammer? me wtf!! thanks honey :/

  • E Guerrero

    I’d throw away my IPhone.

  • max out my data plan

  • root it of course!

  • Anonymous

    Get all my apps loaded on it, of course

  • Take new G+ profile picture 🙂

  • Take new G+ profile picture 🙂

  • First things first, gotta download Beach Buggy Blitz for that Tegra enhanced goodness

  • I’m going to apply my already bought skinomi, of course

  • Download Angry birds Star Wars…. Sell my Galaxy SIII

  • 1) unpack it; 2) switch it on; 3) link it with gmail 🙂

  • Johnny Sausedo

    The first thing I’m going to do when I win this phone is tweet, post, & share to the whole digital world that I won an HTC One X+ from IntoMobile!!!

  • Hassan

    The first thing I would do is send intomobile a thank you email and start downloading movies and games, than throw my old phone a way.

  • Anonymous

    The first thing I would do is unlock it to use it on my cell phone carrier if it isn’t unlocked yet. If so, I will root it.

  • Ashish Chapagain

    Charge it up.

  • Anonymous

    I’d place all my music on it as fast as I could so I can listen with Beats Audio!

  • twalk

    Customize it

  • couchbox

    I’d force it to watch me slowly drown my old phone so its in constant fear of disappointing me and suffering the same fate

  • Customize customize customize…gotta make it your own, unlike all the isheep….

  • fermin castillo

    First thing I’d do is compare it with my One X and see if it’s really much better.

  • dapbmonkey4u

    First thing, Turn it on and enjoy that beautiful screen.
    Second thing, Root and customize!

  • Ben Edgren

    First thing I would do is giveaway my Desire to a developer, and then snap a shot of my customized homescreen and send it to IntoMobile

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy its beautiful screen and use the great camera!

  • Sergio

    The first thing I would do is android beam something to it from my nexus7!

  • Transfer photos,videos, and music and work out to the Beats

  • transferring all contacts and downloaded fun applications

  • Carlos Martinez

    First thing I would do is download sketchbook pro. I like to draw anywhere I’m at.

  • phoneless

    i would rock it till the wheels fall off 🙂 being my 1st phone ever

  • Get my Rhapsody going.

  • Riku Venetjoki


  • David Watts

    First thing is to flush my iPhone 4S down the toilet…

  • Nikita Belov

    I will start to learn how it to develop android apps, I’m a programmer and before it I don’t have android smartphone.

  • good luck

  • Andrew Russol

    i will take it to my Mom

  • Check update 🙂

  • Play Angry Birds

  • Mobilephile

    Retire my current phone…in a blender…and youtube it…with an Intomobile plug

  • Anonymous

    Run some benchmarks!


    First thing I’ll do is customize every inch of it and get a case and screen protector. 🙂

  • Watching movie SW

  • Well of course after it’s set up, first thing would be to check if I can open my uni online pdf files from the browser, current phone lacks the ability

  • DB

    take photos while shooting videos

  • Tweet

  • Text my friends.

  • i’ll kiss it! =)

  • cool

  • Anonymous

    First thing I’d do is take some pictures with that wonderful camera the One X has.

  • I’d test it’s battery. If it as good as I heard (so much better then it was on HTC One X) it will be the best day of my life!

  • I’d test it’s battery. If it as good as I heard (so much better then it was on HTC One X) it will be the best day of my life!

  • the first thing I’ll do is call the parents

  • Anonymous

    I would customize the home screen

  • I would like to listen my favourite music!

  • Update my Facebook status with my new phone.

  • Rebecca

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin! i’d be new to the android world since i’ve been i’ve had an iphone 4 for the past 3 years. I’d be struck with all the personal customization features so that is probably the first thing i’d do.

  • Anonymous

    I’d watch a movie on that beautiful screen!

  • Thomas

    Record my wife and kid!

  • I would post a celebratory facebook message gloating about my big win and about how awesome intomobile is!

  • Jim Vitatoe

    I would take some pictures change the home screen to a picture of my gt500 shelby cobra and show it off to my friends and then retie my bionic.

  • papajohn

    download Angry Bird Star Wars and play on nice screen! 🙂

  • Kenneth McClure

    The first thing I would do with my HTC One X+ is what I do with all my new phones: setup my Google account and begin the endless downloads of apps that I use on a day to day basis. After that would probably be spent poking tiny cublets off the Curiosity Cube…

  • drdean

    Root it

  • Anonymous

    show it off to all my friends and then download a few fun games

  • Gerald M.

    I would leave it as is! It got’s all the bells and whistles! Of course you would take pictures w/ that awesome camera feature, sign up with AT&T Uverse watch TV on the go. Then link it with the PS3 and watch movies wireless through my HDTV wifi ready. Lastly link all my contacts, emails and such ready to tackle my daily life with an AWSOME phone HTC ONE X+!

  • I will Benchmark it

  • Quality for moderate price!

  • I would get the most heavy game for android and try that Tegra3 CPU inside this beast!

  • i will give a smile and capture myself !

  • When I win this awesomely cool phone, I will put widgets on the home screen so I cashow off pictures and videos of my grandchildren, load all of my music to it and download a great TegraZone game of I can entertain myself for hours.

  • Jay M.

    I would just simply turn the power on, unleash the quad power band and the rest is history ……! HTC ONE X+

  • Nicolas Silva

    I’d immediately upgrade my device from the HTC Droid Eris and start customizing it immediately, then download some games and maybe sketch a picture on it

  • Scott Stewart

    unlock it and be happy

  • Pedro

    I would download all my apps and customize the home screens and then play some tegra games

  • Anonymous

    I will charge my HTC One X+ and show my friends lol!

  • PalmTreo

    I would move my stuff from my 6 year old Palm Treo 700w to it.

  • Louis

    check into twitter and facebook

  • Neil C

    I’d definitely have to post a status update proclaiming my switch from iPhone to Android and proclaim my love for HTC

  • Vanessa

    The first thing I would do is gift wrap it because it would be a present for my husband.

  • David Hansen

    The first thing I would do is download Tegra Zone, then spend the next week getting caught up on all the amazing Tegra 3-only games!

  • Pablo Rodríguez

    I would show off all of its incredible feautres to all my iPhone owning friends ;D

  • the steve

    i would use the camera and shoot me and my lady in some amateur porn.
    its supposed to take pics while you record at 1080 right?

  • the steve

    i would record myself taking a hammer to my POS motorola atrix.

  • My husband really wants a smartphone. I’d get it charged and switch his number onto the phone and give it to him for Christmas!

  • Miles Conrad

    I would be delighted to win this phone to upgrade from my ZTE F107 (ancient phone I know, but college funds are a priority!), and the first thing I’d do is gasp at its glory and send my first email from it to Blake or whoever gave us all the opportunity to win this, thanking him a lot and then I’d delve into and appreciate every last bit that makes up this phone.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  • The first thing I’d do is install twitter, facebook and Flipboard!

  • I would probably download Google Chrome, because it’s not compatible with my phone:-(

  • I will update my musical playlist

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to first add in my contacts, set up my security, and then organize which apps I frequently use.

  • Put all my music into it.

  • Anonymous

    Assuming that setup and customizing don’t count, I’d take advantage of the great (yet improved) camera and 64GB of storage and start taking photos like a madman. My old Dell Streak has a crappy camera and it would be awesome to have a phone with one of the best cameras on the market – and the storage to use it!

  • try out the new features of Jelly Bean.

  • I would install CM10 and have fun with some Tegra Zone games 😀

  • Sherry Zhou

    Root it and play with it for months

  • Re-package it & send it to my mother for an early Christmas present because she desperately needs to upgrade to a smartphone.

  • scream Hallelujah!! then text everyone and let them know that I finally own a smartphone!!!!

  • David M. Staubli

    The first thing I would do would be to ditch my old Apple iPhone 3GS for this beautiful HTC One X+!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d root it.

  • Unlock it for use on any GSM carrier. No AT&T here.

  • I Would put my mom on the cover of my phone. She survived her fight with cancer just in time for this holiday!!

  • phil

    I would use it to replace my HTC one x !

  • Laquandres Sampson

    I would call my mama and bf and let them know my old crappy phone is history, no more always talking through the speaker phone since thats the only way i can hear them, no more of them fussing because its constanly cutting off and they can’t get through, or the battery always dying and me having to text through email or use some one else’s phone………….then music here i come!!!!!!!

  • My second HTC phone…..i’ll be so happy and grateful to get this darling for myself..:)<3

  • Bernard

    The first thing i would do is take a lot of meaningful pictures of my parent and friends because i know at any moment i could lose them. and with the amazing camera on the One X+ i would feel better know that i will always have them in my heart and in mind by capturing a beautiful moment.

  • Show off all of its incredible features to my iPhone owning friends 🙂

  • Bernard

    The very first thing i would do is take pictures of all my loved ones. I lost someone special to me today and i have Nothing to remember her by. But ill use the amazing camera on the ONE X+ to capture a moment that i can keep with me forever.

  • antc1022

    The first thing I would do with my HTC One X+ is compare it to my girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy S3! ?

  • I’ll download every app, song, game, store every picture on it until I couldn’t put anything else on it then use it for hours and hours

  • Neil C

    I’d post a status update declaring my awesome shift to THE best Droid on the market from being an Apple Sheep. Lol

    • Pablo Rodríguez

      its not a droid.. lol

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