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After you’ve finished shopping for your ideal smartphone or tablet and then hooked it up with all the best accessories, what’s next? Apps, of course! These days, a smartphone or tablet is worthless without a good set of apps and a large marketplace to choose them from. Many people often forget that you can buy apps as gifts, so why not take advantage of that and do something small for the people you care about? Apps are the digital equivalent of stocking stuffers, if you will. Without further ado, let’s take a look at five apps that are sure to please your loved ones this holiday season.

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2Do is one of the best apps available for keeping your entire life organized. Its design is nothing shy of superb and its functionality is top-notch. You can use it to manage a minor to-do list or take advantage of all it offers to maintain large projects. You can keep everything in sync across multiple devices, attach location information to tasks, set alarms, password-protect any personal tasks, and plenty more. It’s a fantastic time saver.

Buy for $9.99 on iOS | Buy for $6.99 on Android


You’ve probably heard of Netflix, but if you haven’t signed up or you want a friend or family member to, now’s your chance. While the mobile app is free, to use the service you’ll have to pay the $8 per month subscription fee. That gets you unlimited access to the wide variety of movies and television shows in its library. It may not be the newest content, but it’s very difficult to browse Netflix and not find something worth watching.

Download for free:
iOS | Android | Windows Phone


Ah yes. The holiday season rolls in. You are wrapped in your warm Snuggie and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. You have the fireplace lit and you’re up for a cozy reading session. Whip out your smartphone or tablet, open Instapaper, and read to your heart’s content. Instapaper is a phenomenal service for saving web pages like IntoMobile articles (how awesome was that plug?) to read later in an elegant format that’s easy on the eyes. Definitely useful for those relaxing winter nights.

Buy for $3.99 on iOS | Buy for $2.99 on Android

Adobe Photoshop Touch

When the holidays come around, you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures — hundreds even — and a very good portion of those aren’t going to come out the way you intended. That’s where Photoshop Touch comes in. It’s the Photoshop from Adobe you know and love designed specifically for tablets. It has powerful tools, layers, and effects that will let you tweak your photos to perfection, and it’s a great gift for the photographer in the family.

Buy for $9.99:
iPad | Android tablet

Goodnight Moon

The classic bedtime story for children is available on your smartphone tablet in the form of an interactive app. It’s Goodnight Moon. I have such fond memories of that book when I was a kid and it’s still an excellent selection to read to your children as they nod off on a cold winter night. Plus, they’ll be able to manipulate and play with objects on the screen in a way that we were never able to do as kids. It’s currently on sale, too!

Buy for $2.99:
iOS | Android

If you’re looking for games, be sure to check out our Top 5 Games post coming next week as part of the IntoMobile Holiday Tech Guide!

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