iPhone 5 is most searched news story on Bing in 2012

Nevermind all of the important events that happened in 2012 that impacted millions of lives such as the 2012 United States Presidential Election and Hurricane Sandy. What was on the minds of Bing users most this year so far was none of that. It was the launch of the Apple iPhone 5.

Yes, the iPhone 5 is the most searched news story on Bing so far in 2012. The device that was arguably the most anticipated piece of technology of all-time dominated the search engine and unless something spectacular and mind-blowing happens in the next month, which is unlikely, it looks like it will remain the top search term throughout the entire year.

The iPhone 5 bests the following news stories in order from second place to tenth: 2012 Elections, 2012 Olympics, Hurricane Sandy, Honey Boo Boo Reality Show, Gangnam Style Dance, KONY 2012, Academy Awards, Kindle Fire HD, and Facebook IPO. It’s also interesting to see that Amazon’s latest tablet made the top ten list as well.

It’s not surprising then that iPhone 5 is also at the top of the list of the most searched consumer electronics in 2012. After the aforementioned Apple smartphone in this category ranks the iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III, Kindle, iPad 3, iPod touch, Xbox, Playstation 3, iPhone 4S, and Windows 8.

You might think that Bing users, who represent a measly 10 percent of search engine market share (approximately) in the United States, might be a tad more biased toward Microsoft products, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now what would really be ironic is to see iPhone 5 at the top of Google’s most searched new stories this year.

[via TechnoBuffalo]

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