Marissa Mayer talks up mobile in her first interview as Yahoo CEO

Patricia Sellers of Fortune sat down with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer during Fortune’s Most Powerful Women dinner in Palo Alto, California. It is Mayer’s first interview since she took on the role of Yahoo CEO in July of this year. The 30-minute interview should appeal to mobile fans as Mayer highlights mobile as the future for Yahoo.

Mobile, Mayer says, is an important part of Yahoo’s strategy; so much so that she replaced employee’s current BlackBerry phones with Android phones, iPhones and Windows Phone 8 handsets. Employees got to pick a new phone from one of those platforms, with the iPhone being the most popular choice thus far.

By handing out new phones, Mayer wants her employees to become familiar with these platforms so they can come up with new and exciting ways to make Yahoo more mobile. Yahoo’s strength has been in the desktop, but Mayer recognizes that assets like Flickr, email and sports are a perfect fit for mobile. The company now needs to figure out the best (and quickest) way to make that move into the mobile space.

You can view the full interview on Fortune’s’s website or watch it below.

[Via Fortune]

  • So now she don’t consider Blackberry phones as a smartphone. BB needs to come with something but their share from smartphone market is reducing very fast. Now nobody wants to purchase brand new BB phone.

  • Anonymous

    Can she really help Yahoo get back on track?

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