Voiamo’s Globalgig service offers mobile data roaming for less

Voiamo's Globalgig service offers mobile data roaming for less

Voiamo launched a new service for world travelers, allowing them to stay connected while not breaking a bank. Dubbed Globalgig, it comes with a small Mobile Hotspot device (pictured above) that makes it easy to get your Internet fix in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Expansion to other Asian, European Union markets and other large global travel hubs is planned and will be unveiled over the next 12 months.

Customers interested to try out this service can grab a 1GB bundle for $25.00, 3GB for $39.00 and 5GB for $49.00. While competitors can charge up to $20 per megabyte and offer international data packages ranging from 15-25 cents per MB, Globalgig’s biggest plan (5GB) drives price down to as little as 0.95 cents (nearly a penny) per MB. Pretty neat.

The mentioned Mobile Hotspot device is sold separately and it could be yours for $119… You can get all the details and sign-up from the Globalgig’s website.

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