Gmail for iOS 2.0: New design, multiple account support

Google’s Gmail app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad got a sweet new update today that gave its version number a boost to 2.0. The major update brings a cleaner design, multiple account support, and plenty of new “time-saving features” as described by Google.

The design, to start, is reminiscent of the Google+ app. It does take some design cues from the Android app, but doesn’t try to overload the iOS app with Android design schemes, which is a good thing. The inbox gets infinite scrolling in this update, too.

For power users, multiple account switching has finally arrived. You can view all your accounts by thumbnail within the main menu and can tap one to switch. The app will store up to five separate accounts at once.

Lastly, those aforementioned “time-saving features” essentially act as shortcuts to other Google service functionality within the Gmail app. For instance, you can view an event attached to an email in an organized format and RSVP or +1 posts on Google+ directly from the app. Searching your inbox is faster now as well thanks to autocomplete predictions that appear as soon as you begin typing.

Google acquired popular mail client for iOS and Mac Sparrow recently, so it’d be easy to speculate that the team might have contributed to this redesign. However, MG Siegler of TechCrunch has seemingly confirmed that is not the case.

To snag the free app from Google, head over to the iOS App Store.

[via Gmail Blog]

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