Tim Cook tells Businessweek: we screwed up on maps

Tim Cook has been the Chief Executive Officer at Apple for over a year now, taking over after the death of Steve Jobs. Cook sat down with Businessweek and talked about his experiences and company changes during his freshman year as head of the company. In the 11-page interview, Cook talks about the rocky departure of Scott Forstall, the future of the Apple TV and the debacle of Apple Maps. Speaking of Maps, Cook confirmed that Apple dropped Google-backed Maps because it wanted to do more with Maps than Google was allowing them to do.

We wanted to provide the customer turn-by-turn directions. We wanted to provide the customer voice integration. We wanted to provide the customer flyover. And so we had a list of things that we thought would be a great customer experience, and we couldn’t do it any other way than to do it ourselves.

Maps, though, turned out to be harder than Apple expected and the company missed the mark. “We set out to give the customer something to provide a better experience. And the truth is it didn’t live up to our expectations. We screwed up,” said Cook.

You can read the full interview on Businessweek’s website. It’s borderline tl;dr, but if you have the time and patience, it’s definitely worth a read.

[Via Businessweek]

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