5 Windows Phone shopping apps for the holidays

We’re hitting the homestretch in this holiday season, so getting your friends and love ones something special is imperative. This week I decided to talk about 5 must have shopping apps for Windows Phone 8. Contrary to many skeptics, WP8 does have a respectable collection of mobile applications.

Nevertheless, here’s my list of five apps that can help you shop more efficiently during the craziness that is the holidays.

Shared Shopping List


There are many great things about this app, but none more important than its sharing features. Shared Shopping List allows any number of Windows Phones to share the same set of lists, which makes it perfect for families. Users can expect solid features like item grouping, optional quantities, and the oh so popular ‘Live Tiles’ that adds your list to your home screen.

Free: Download


Liquor Run

Let’s keep it real. The holidays aren’t just known for shopping, but it’s also the best time of the year when it comes to consuming alcohol. What better way to cope with annoying in-laws or family members coming to visit? Liquor Run is a unique app that brings an interesting concept to users, as its sole purpose is to find the closest beer, liquor, and wine stores around you. The app also reminds users of area closing times

In addition, users can research and get turn-by-turn directions to more than 40,000 US liquor stores, browse thousands of drink recipes, and check out how many calories are in hundreds of beers.

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Discount Calculator

If you’re a shrewd shopper like myself, then you’d know it’s all about finding that killer discount on the go. Discount Calculator is a simple but effective app when calculating the money users stand to save during shopping. This is one that works perfectly for when folks are out looking for stuff to buy during the holidays. So instead of running to one of those hard to find price checkers in a department store — Discount Checker will do the work for you right on the spot.

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Branddee Mall Deals

Shopping at the mall can be a frustrating experience, especially with so many folks out trying to pick up their last few gifts. The Branddee Mall Deals app attempts to make weaving through the mall mayhem a bit more organized. This is a cool savings app that finds deals at your local mall, as it offers users up to the minute tips on sales, coupons, special offers and giveaways. Many of the most popular retailers are supported by this app, like Macys, Bloomingdale’s, Target, Coach, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, etc.

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How about some shopping with a social networking twist? Spreegram gives a unique take on purchasing merchandise by allowing your friends to be apart of the decision. The way it works is users simply take a picture of something they’re looking to buy, and share it with all their friends from the App itself. As a result, friends get an instant notification in their Spreegram app with the picture. And from that point on they get the choice either to chat with the sender or like/dislike the pic.

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