Facebook for Android updated – Newer, faster, sucks less-er

Since its debut, the Facebook application for Android has been met with much scorn. Not only has the application been buggy throughout its existence, but it’s also been excruciatingly slow at times. Finally, it looks as if Facebook decided to give a damn, and today updated its application to 2.0. The update brings a nice helping of enhancements and is much faster than the previous iteration.

The new version of Facebook certainly isn’t perfect, but you’ll quickly see some subtle changes that make the experience as a whole a better one. Likely one of the first things you’ll notice about Facebook 2.0 is that it’s snappier across the board. Another new feature includes the ability to simply tap on a picture to open, which is also much faster. Lastly, the New Stories bar will automatically update stories without having to refresh. As you can tell, the main focus of the update was obviously speed, and the developers behind the Android app have most definitely achieved that.

Many Android users that completely avoided the Facebook application due to its slow and buggy nature may finally have an application that’s worthy of their time.

[Via: FacebookNewsroom]

  • Manolo Salinas

    it still sucks

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