How to promote a mobile app? [infographic]

How to promote a mobile app?

Two companies, uSpeak and BlueCaribu, prepared a neat infographic to show developers the basics of promoting a mobile app.

Before the launch, developers should choose a good (unique and memorable) name, find their competitors and choose the right category to estimate the number of downloads and calculate their app’s strengths. Then they should make an “amazing icon,” take great screenshots that convince users to download or buy the app, write a good title (as well as description and keywords), and build a great landing page. Signing-up for app analytics is also advised so you can measure what works and what could be improved.

Marketing starts after the launch, though even before that takes place, developers should prepare a spreadsheet with the list of media whom they’ll contact to promote their work. This is the time when developers start to work on a press kit, containing everything journalists and/or bloggers could possibly need, including pictures, press release, bio of the founders, screenshots and logos. Existing users should be encouraged to share the app, rate and review it to rise in the app store charts. Finally, there’s paid promotion, relying on services like AdMob, MillenialMedia, InMobi, AdWhirl and MobClix…

And here’s the infographic presenting all this information (and then some).

How to promote a mobile app?

  • Ben

    Very cool infographic! I will use all the advice to promote my app called Brush DJ 🙂

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