Google introduces confirmed clicks in AdMob in-app ads

Google introduces confirmed clicks in AdMob in-app ads

The problem with in-app mobile ads is that they can be easily clicked-on by accident. Most of us did it and there’s nothing wrong with that except that we get annoyed when redirected to some page we didn’t want to open. Advertisers would want us to click only if we want to buy/download something, but I would assume publishers have a different agenda as they’re usually paid per click and they don’t necessarily care whether we intentionally clicked on some ad or not.

To tackle this issue, Google is updating AdMob in a move that will prevent accidental clicks. If you tap on an ad by accident, you will be prompted to confirm it.

According to Google, most accidental clicks on in-app image ads happen at the outer edge of the ad unit, likely when you’re trying to click or scroll to nearby content. Now if you click on the outer border of the ad, AdMob will prompt you to verify that you actually meant to click on the ad to learn more.

We like how this sounds but are a bit concerned publishers will start moving to other mobile ad networks where they’ll keep benefiting from accidental clicks…

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