APPocalypse Survival Guide – Apps and accessories that will get you through 12/21

What’s an over sensationalized day like 12/21/2012 without an over the top survival guide? At 11:11 Universal Time, the world as we know it will come to an end, apparently. Not ones to just sit down and take this sort of thing, we’ve compiled a handful of apps and a few accessories that should help you get through the rough times ahead. It’s time that you proved to Apocalypse Man that you were listening.

*Some of the applications are not the same between operating systems, but there will be a similar alternative*

If tomorrow brings a series of natural disasters, it’s not going to be pretty. Many will be left as scavengers, having to fend for themselves. Take a look below and see if you’re prepared!


Final Countdown

What’s the use in trying to survive the end of the world when you don’t even know when it’s going to happen? Final Countdown is a simple widget that can countdown to any date. But don’t worry about getting the exact time right. Final Countdown has 12/21 as a pre-made widget once you install it.


Download – AndroidiOS


This one is easy enough. Enabling your LED flash to work as a flashlight is essential when in the dark. Make sure you have this one!

Download – AndroidiOS

Google Maps

Google Maps should surely be one of the top apps you download, as it should get you where you need to go. If there’s no signal, Android users should make sure they download maps for offline use. iOS users, just buy a real map. It can’t hurt to have one.

Download – AndroidiOS

Survival Guide

Expect the unexpected. Chances are, you or one of your friends is going to fall and twist/break and ankle while running (see any end of the world movie). This is where the Survival Guide will come in, as it provides just about anything you’ll need. From water procurement to medical emergencies, this Survival Guide that’s based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual will be quite an asset.

Download – AndroidiOS

Police Scanner

This is to say that there are police still hanging around, but a police scanner app should tell you where to find help, or places to avoid.

Download – Android – iOS

iHunt Journal

Desperate times come for desperate measures, and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself running out of food if you’re on the run. iHunt Journal will provide a wealth of options to help you record hunting areas and much more.

Download – AndroidiOS


TaskOne iPhone toolkit

We’re just going to pretend this exists. This iPhone case, currently in the funding process on Indiegogo, has 16 different tools built-in including a knife and screwdriver so you can accomplish about any task after the world ends.

Buy here

GoPano micro 360-degree lens

You’re definitely going to want to closely monitor your surroundings at all times in the event of an apocalypse. Attach this 360-degree lens accessory to your iPhone and you’ll be able to literally see the world around you so you aren’t caught off guard by potential threats and enemies.

Buy here

Pop Portable Power

This portable charging station can charge up to 4 devices at once, either iPhone or Android, and has a huge 26,000 mAh battery to keep them charged for a long time. You’ll be needing that power when the entire world goes dark.

Buy here


Who said the end of the world couldn’t be fun? You’ll probably get bored while you’re hiding in the gutter or that run down shack to seek shelter. You might as well have a few games to to kill time.

Angry Birds

Yep, you guessed it. Rovio’s popular game will make the list, since there’s a good chance you already have it installed.

Download – AndroidiOS

Quick Enough?

You’re living in a post-apocalyptic world and you need to be thinking on your toes. Quick Enough is a set of small games that test your reaction speed. Who knows, maybe this little game will help you in the long run.

Download – AndroidiOS

Temple Run

You should have seen this one coming, too. Temple run is easily addictive and should provide a good amount of game play until your next move.

Download – AndroidiOS

If 12/21 does turn into the Zombie Apocalypse

So you’ve seen our basic survival guide, but we know your number one fear about the end of the world: Zombies. If Earth does indeed become overrun with the undead, there’s a new dynamic you should be prepared for.

Here are a few apps to brush up on your zombie knowledge and dispatch practice.

Zombie Survival Handbook Lite

With the Zombie Survival Handbook, you’ll be prepared to protect yourself from the outbreak, weapons, and much more.

Download – AndroidiOS

Daily Cardio Workout

It might sound ridiculous, but the number one rule in Zombieland was cardio. We still don’t know if the zombies on the way are going to be slow like the Night of the Living Dead, or sh*t your pants-fast like 28 Days later. Getting in some cardio never hurt anyone.

Download – AndroidiOS

Target Practice

You might think you’re prepared to take on a horde of zombies, but practice never hurt. Here are a few games to keep you sharp!

Dead Trigger

Easily one of the most fun Zombie shooting games out there, Dead Trigger is a must have for both zombie lovers and haters! Trust us, this game will help you keep your wits about you.

Download – AndroidiOS

Army of Darkness Defense

If you’re travelling with others, it’s best to have a plan if there’s an impending zombie attack. While you may not be attempting to protect the Necronomicon, Army of Darkness Defense should help your strategy skills.

Download – AndroidiOS

Dead Space

You might not be on earth in Dead Space, but this is a game that could be essential in your practice. This console hit has been adapted nicely to mobile devices and we’d suggest it even if it wasn’t the end of the world.

Download – Android iOS

Walking Dead Games

Think we’d let this one slip by? The hit TV show has produced some nice mobile games, and it just may be as essential as the flashlight app… Well, maybe not, but play it!

Download – AndroidiOS

So there’s our guide. We’re sure there are plenty of more applications and accessories out there, so be sure to put your list in the comments below!

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A big thanks to George Tinari for helping with this guide!

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